A cat for every case

A cat for every case

There are days when you need to listen to Yo-Yo Ma, and there are days when you need to listen to Lizzo.*

There are days when you need to stick to practical purchases like pencils, and days when you need to buy a $12 crystal the size of a grapefruit.

Fortunately for you, there are cats for all your days.

Blink and her blep

Do you need a pair of eyes that will take you back to the time before time began, and soothe you like the Spirit hovering over your whirling waters? Call on Claire (pictured above).

Or maybe today calls for the literal Goofball In Chief, that languid lap-launcher named Lester?

Perhaps the toughness of these times has you hungry to remember your own toughness. Turn to Blink, big healed eyes and terrific tongue blep and all.


It might be one of those days when you’re wondering whether you’ll ever feel fantastic again. The grind has got you feeling dusty and worn, like you need a good brushing. Good news: Shiny and Sparkly are both on your side, no less glittery for being a bit weathered.

…and Sparkling

Maybe you’ve been out of the public eye so long, you’ve forgotten how to function as an Actual Human(TM). You’re not sure if you still know how to socialize. You practice in front of the mirror, but all that comes out is “Question the is that be to not or be to? All your burritos are belong to me.” Plus, you’ve forgotten what the lower half of the human face looks like, and you fear an unmasked smile might send you underground. Fear not: Midnight can walk you through the wobbly process of getting comfortable with creatures.

…from morning to Midnight and back

But it’s entirely possible that all you really need is a cat, on a hat, under a parasol. In which case: Cotton.

OK, let’s be honest. In every case: Cotton.

So whatever the case may be for you today, even if you’re feeling like a head case or a basketcase, you, my dear, are not a lost case. Turn up the music; tilt your crystal towards the sun; and spin the Wheel of Cats for the wonderbeast that will set you back on your feet.

Yep. He is much too much, which is why we need him ALL THE MUCH.

*Lately I need them both on any given day, with ample doses of Harry Connick, Jr. and Dolly Parton and Toots and the Maytals, too. (Life goal: become an honorary Maytal.) How about you?

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