Dusty Rhodes

Dear old fears

Quick. Tell me what you were scared of on April 29, 2021. Maybe you were afraid that the pestilence would pounce upon you. Maybe you were afraid that the cat you’d just trundled to the vet would not forgive you. Maybe you were afraid that Ozark would never return for a fourth season.

Guest post: Cattywumpus

You do it too. I know you do. Don’t feign misunderstanding. Fess up. Every single one of your cats has at least one ridiculous nickname (maybe a ridiculous actual name), and probably several nicknames, in fact. The one on my lap right now outrageously bears the given name of a physicist. Since Higgs hypothesized what […]

Guest post: Imitating art

There’s a new show called “Connecting.” It’s about friends that are a family, who visit virtually in a variety of ways, and it’s set during now, or at least the extremely recent past. The pandemic, social distancing, excessive togetherness, and extreme aloneness are all addressed. So is online shopping.

Advanced Tobitude

It’s time to talk Toby. Did you know that the baby who played the baby Toby in Labyrinth was also named Toby? Did you know that baby Toby is now the design supervisor for the Dark Crystal reboot, and doesn’t that kinda make your brain explode with stardust? Did you know that, despite my endless […]