Guest post: Cattywumpus

Guest post: Cattywumpus

You do it too. I know you do.

Don’t feign misunderstanding. Fess up.

Every single one of your cats has at least one ridiculous nickname (maybe a ridiculous actual name), and probably several nicknames, in fact.

The one on my lap right now outrageously bears the given name of a physicist. Since Higgs hypothesized what is now known as the Higgs boson, our Higgs had a natural first nickname. But, Higgie-biggie-boom-boom (very accurate description – I swear on my fanciest chocolates) has a sister, and I’m a GIGANTIC GEEK, so staying with the physics theme, Higgs and Loki (most aptly named cat EVER) are the leptons.

Our older boys are also twins, so Panther and Ollie are the twinkies. Hostess can’t sue me, because cats aren’t snack cakes, even though those two are my honey puffs (actual honey puffs are a delicious Thai appetizer, and not snack cakes at all. Oops, tangent).

Sigh. The whole nickname thing just devolves from there.

Anyway, here I am with Cattywumpus the Small (aka Higgles and Higglet) nestled between my legs, while the Great Pandito Bandito (Panther used to steal and stash stuff in the middle of the living room floor) lies snoring on a small, nearby pile of toys.

And, “we” were thinking about all of you of the extended Tabby’s Place community, hopefully snug in your beds at the time of this writing.

“We” were, of course, also thinking about the nicknames bestowed upon Tabby’s Place kitties. (I say “we,” because it feels better that way).

Lester the Jester…what a joker. Great snuggler, though.

There’s good ol’ Claire Bear.

Of course, the darling of the front desk – Diva (her actual name was soooooo close).

Carrot-cake and Licky Mclickface (Elijah) are part of the Phat Cat contingent, destined to rule the world. Luna is Moon-Pie. Get it? MOON-pie?

You see?  Ridiculous.

Anyway, I gotta roll. Cattywumpus is restless and wants my undivided attention.

Pictured top to bottom: Divya, Lester, Divya, Elijah, Luna

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  1. Peanut lives with me in Tampa. His nicknames are obvious nut variations. However, he is also known throughout the Americas as The Orange Prince (T O P). He wants to clarify – that is not a nickname – that is his actual title.

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