In Memory: Anastasia

In Memory: Anastasia

Little AnnieSome goodbyes are particularly wrenching. Few rival the ache of losing our tiny tabby, Anastasia.

No one adored Ana more deeply and faithfully than Sharon (Jonathan’s wife, our Volunteer Coordinator). Sharon always cherished Ana and always advocated for her, and Ana’s  entire countenance would brighten whenever Sharon entered the room. I know how painful this must have been to write, but I also know blessed Anastasia would be to hear Sharon’s loving words.

Sweet Anastasia“I was at home when Jonathan called to tell me of her passing — enlarged heart, fluid in the lungs, difficulty breathing. News I dreaded to hear. Listening quietly as the tears slowly trickled down my face, I choked back sobs. This isn’t fair— She was only 6 years old—I loved her so much.

Feelings of guilt flooded my soul.  Anastasia was one of the cats we considered adopting. She was always so fragile, so high strung. We didn’t think Annie would adjust to living with the rest of our clan and determined that she would be less stressed living in familiar surroundings. Were we right? Was there more we could have done?

Annie in the sunshineAnnie, as I lovingly called her, lived at Tabby’s Place for most of her life. How could this small, brown, tabby girl worm her way into my heart? It was actually quite easy – Anastatia was one of the sweetest cats ever to grace our facility. She loved attention, to be petted, and had the most amazing purr machine inside that petite, dainty body. Dr. Collins frequently commented that it was difficult to hear Annie’s heartbeat over the constant roar of her motor.

Although Annie enjoyed human attention, she was never very fond of the feline type. Several kitties did form close relationships with Annie – shy Desi and feisty Natasha were two of her favorites.

AnaAnnie’s medical problems began shortly after her arrival. We almost lost her when she struggled with a high fever and lethargy that arose for no apparent reason. Then there was the constant gulping, a diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease, tests, and special diets. In Annie’s short life, she endured many physical challenges. But till her last days, this loving girl continued to show her affection with purrs of gratitude.

Annie is now in a better place – no longer in pain or suffering. I see her running free, sitting in the sunlight, enjoying a meal – without gulping. Although my heart is still sad, I am filled with the joy of knowing that someday I will be reunited with Anastasia and all of my beloved pets. I am grateful for the way she touched my life and left an indelible mark on my heart forever.”Ana

Every cat, everywhere, should have a Sharon in her life, loving her so fiercely through all the ups and downs. Ana’s life was infinitely richer for having been cherished by you, Sharon.

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  1. Sharon, I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s so heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet. I’m glad Anastasia had you to advocate for her. Much love to everyone at Tabby’s Place for taking care of and loving this sweet, sweet girl.

  2. I’m always so sad to read a post about a cat passing, but my heart is warmed at the same time because I know a TP cat was one of the lucky ones in that he/she received the love and care that is lost to so many out there. Sharon, I know you made a difference in Anastasia’s life…as she made a difference in yours.

  3. Sharon, sorry to read about the loss of Anastasia, she was fortunate to have you to care for her and show her affection during her time at Tabby’s Place. Continue your wonderful work and I’m sure she will be proud of you. As you said someday there will be one big and glorious reunion that will last forever. RIP Anastasia and say hi to all the other Tabby’s Place cats that have travelled the same road to thier eternal home.

  4. Sharon, I am so sorry for the loss of beautiful Annie. She was one of the cats I became close to when I first started volunteering this summer. Every week I would seek her out and give her a little love when I did my cleaning rounds. When school started again, I would look for her each Sunday when I came in to socialize the dessert kids and give her some attention. She was a wonderful, sweetheart and I know that you miss her very deeply. I know that she loved you too. Thank you for caring for her so deeply.

  5. Sharon, I know your heart is hurting — as one of Ana’s sponsors, I share your loss, although I think you feel this so much more acutely because you were there with her everyday — and she adored you, too. YOU made her life wonderful — YOU, by loving her, giving her that special something that she needed to make it through — YOU, and Jonathan, by creating Tabby’s Place so that Ana could have a place to live and love and thrive. We can’t measure our lives by the number of years, but by the love that fills those years — thinking of that, Ana will live forever!

  6. Thanks, everybody, especially you, Sharon, for sharing your thoughts with me today. I just buried a poor orange tabby that some cat hater deliberately ran down near my house and I know it’s in a far better place now. Maybe Sweet little Anna was there to welcome it to it’s new and loving home. Rest in peace, precious one.

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