forever loved

In Memory: Midnight

 These are the posts we hate to write. Last week, Tabby’s Place became one big broken heart when we heard from the original Mrs. AwesomeAdopter: Midnight, the snuggle-bug best friend to Pirate, had passed away. A primary lung sarcoma stole this sable sweetheart from his mama after six happy months together. Mrs. AwesomeAdopter fondly recalls […]

In Memory: Anastasia

Some goodbyes are particularly wrenching. Few rival the ache of losing our tiny tabby, Anastasia. No one adored Ana more deeply and faithfully than Sharon (Jonathan’s wife, our Volunteer Coordinator). Sharon always cherished Ana and always advocated for her, and Ana’s  entire countenance would brighten whenever Sharon entered the room. I know how painful this […]

In memory of Albert

Every so often a profound bond grows between a person and a Tabby’s Place cat. Volunteer Joyce and gentle Albert were the epitome of such a bond. As his Special Needs correspondent and his cherished friend, Joyce was a sweet constant in Albert’s life. Albert left this world last week. We thought it only right […]