In Memory: Midnight

In Memory: Midnight

Midnight, forever cherished These are the posts we hate to write.

Last week, Tabby’s Place became one big broken heart when we heard from the original Mrs. AwesomeAdopter: Midnight, the snuggle-bug best friend to Pirate, had passed away. A primary lung sarcoma stole this sable sweetheart from his mama after six happy months together. Mrs. AwesomeAdopter fondly recalls how much you guys loved her boy and cheered him on, and was generous enough to let me share her love of Midnight with you:

Midnight with his BFF Pirate“It is amazing how much Midnight is part of me & the whole friends/family network even if we could only have him for such a short moment.

I won’t be good with organizing my thoughts about my Midnight. Here are random musings

I called him Mr. Scrapy Kitty; he would acknowledge you with a little “eeeowww,” almost like a little ol’ man “hhhrrrrumph”ing.

Midnight didn’t want me to pick him up, but he would crawl into my lap on his own time. I was always cuddling him just a bit too much. “Please, Mom, just gently around my ears– no kisses and hugs! Yuck!’

MidnightPirate surely loved and depended on him, even though, looking back I can tell that Midnight wasn’t so eager to play with Pirate. He just must not have felt well. I hope he knows I didn’t understand what he was going through then. Pirate checks all the rooms still; we miss him much!

Midnight loved the kitty ‘beds’ that have a little hooded sort of opening, and the other cats respected his claim. He was close to the littlest in size of the 5 kitties, but none of us doubted who was King. Fearless even amidst the 6 weeks of ‘integration’ here at home, Midnight never worried or cowered – just sauntered through with hardly a glance back. I loved how he moved – kind of like a street savvy ‘jock’/athlete. Midnight was very light on his feet and always on a mission.Midnight

My Midnight loved lima beans, spinach quiche and green olives. Trust me, I didn’t offer them to him; he took my breath away when I left a plate and came back to find him helping himself! Didn’t realize I would ever have to protect quiche from kitties. I made him a quiche that last week, searching for something that he’d enjoy with gusto. He licked it, just to please me.

No matter what, when someone was in the kitchen, he was right at your feet, ready for any morsels. There was no need for words; he knew how to demand a saucer of milk.

My sister calls him my fleeting blessing. Sweet transience of life! He touched our hearts – always…”

Dear Mrs. AwesomeAdopter and Pirate, Midnight could not have dreamed of a happier forever home. I do believe his final six months of life were the sweetest. He will always be with you. God bless you for loving him just as he was, so lavishly and so well. Until we meet him again, we grieve with you.

7 thoughts on “In Memory: Midnight

  1. To Midnight and his wonderful, loving family — you will be together forever in your hearts and once again “someday” when your time comes to join him. God bless you for caring about Midnight, all your other cats and Tabby’s Place. Midnight could not have had a better life — as you grieve, please remember how much he loved you and how worth it every moment of this pain is because of every moment of love he gave back! Rest in peace, sweet one.

  2. I knew Midnight/Pirate from the first time Pirate came and Midnight returned to Tabby’s Place. The two were in the same room as Albert and Tony. Pirate was very devoted to Midnight. Pirate used to lick Midnight and the 2 were seen quite often lying together. I hope in time Pirate can recover from his best friends passing. Love You both, always will.

  3. RIP Midnight, to the Awesome Adopter, your time with him may have been short but I’m sure he received and returned plenty of love and affection during that time. Best wishes to Pirate, he probably feels the loss as much as you do.

  4. I got to know Midnight and Pirate while Bellis stayed in their suite for a bit. I fell in love with them both and was overjoyed when they were adopted. I am so sad to hear Midnight passed away. (I have GOT TO stop checking this blog at work.)
    My biggest hugs go out to Midnight’s family. It such a hard thing to mourn your friend. I’m so sorry.
    When Awesome Adopter can think about it, and I know it’s too soon but I can’t help myself, maybe Sarafina can help fill the hole in their heart.
    Thank you Awesome Adopter for making Midnights’ last days so fabulous and love filled.

  5. Rest in peace Midnight and my sympathies and condolences to Mrs Awesome Adopter and Pirate who, I’m sure, miss him greatly. Thank you for taking him in and showing him so much love in his last months!!!!

  6. Mrs. Awesome Adopter: I am truly sorry for your loss. I’m so happy that Midnight had you for a momma and that you loved him so much in the time he had with you. Continued love and blessing to you, Pirate and the rest of your fur babies.

  7. I am sure Midnight is watching over his buddy Pirate and his entire forever family right now. He obviously had a great life with all of you, and will be patiently waiting–surrounded by piles of lima beans, green olives, and quiche, no doubt–to see you again one day…

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