Homeward Huck

Homeward Huck

HuckleberriesIn many contexts, seven is a number for Very Good Things.

Fullness and completion. Wonders of the world. Habits of highly effective people. Players on an Ultimate Frisbee team. And, most importantly, FIV+ cats adopted from Tabby’s Place in the last six months.

Huckleberry...just not our HuckleberryBy now you know the good news about Rosie and Jose. Michael and Fuzzy‘s adoptions are old news, and Princess Zara was no surprise. Prince Leopold, we hardly knew ye before your adoption.

But, Huckleberry, we really hardly knew ye.

Determined to make a Very Good Thing cross the threshhold into Awesome territory, our newest FIV+ cat topped them all. It would have been spectacular enough if Huckleberry was #7. Historically, 2-3 of our FIV+ cats – at most – have been adopted in any given year. There’s still a silly stigma about FIV being a scary death sentence, and it’s about as hard to talk folks out of those misconceptions as it is to get NJ politicians to play nice.

So a seventh FIV+ adoption in six months would have been a mighty, whomping victory. But Huckleberry aimed higher than “mighty” and “whomping.”

He had to take the crown. And so he did.

Huckleberry (the hound, not the Tabby's Place cat)Not only was he the 7th FIV+ adoption; not only was he adopted before clearing quarantine; but Huck was adopted before half of the Tabby’s Place staff (present company included) even got to meet him. He arrived on a Thursday, immediately eager to hug every human in sight with his big, burly arms, and to give head-butts with that colossal, cuter-than-a-kewpie-doll round face.

By Sunday, he’d hugged his way into a home.

Mama and Papa Huck had been to Tabby’s Place a few times before, hearts set on a Special Needs sweetie. They wisely knew that they’d know the one when he grabbed them…and Huckleberry did just that. Before you could say “Samuel Clemens,” our berry boy was out the door.

The only bummer in this triumphant tale is that we didn’t have a chance to snap any photos of our handsome boy. So, I’ve asked other huckleberries of our acquaintance to stand in for our black-and-white snuggler.

More huckleberriesAs for the rest of Suite FIV, this has all been more than a little motivating. In fact, I’ve heard Oreo and Chopper discussing the deeper meanings of the number eight. If you flip an “8” on its side, it becomes the symbol of infinity.

And what more infinitely Good Thing than a forever home? Number eight, we are ready and waiting. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Homeward Huck

  1. Huck’s momma and daddy MUST send us pictures of this wonderful boy! It’s so great to see these FIV+ cats getting homes — we have an FIV+ boy, our Malcolm, and he is just the best!

  2. I’m so happy for Huckleberry! I, too, have two FIV+ cats and if I were to ever adopt another, s/he would also be FIV+. (I wish there was more research in FIV, both my cats were vaccinated for FIV when they were kittens, thus, with the current testing methods, they will always test positive….)

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