Guest post: The overlooked cats of Tabby’s Place

Guest post: The overlooked cats of Tabby’s Place

SarafinaNote from Angela: special thanks to our anonymous volunteer blogger, Fuzzball, for penning the following. Our “overlooked” lovies are blessed to have you as their advocate.


How is it possible that we would overlook one of our wonderful felines? Well, we really don’t, but sometimes potential adopters do.

SarafinaI started volunteering at Tabby’s Place late in 2003. Not long afterward, we were visited by a couple of women from another shelter. I spoke enthusiastically of our hopes for quickly adopting out most of our residents, so I was surprised and dismayed when one of the women told me not to expect to find homes in short order for many of the darker-colored felines. When I asked what she was talking about, she said that, in her experience, darker-colored cats (mostly black or grey cats, or dark tabbies) tended not to attract adopters. She had never been able to discover the reasons behind it.

Six years and change later, it seems that this visitor was at least partly correct. Tabby’s Place has some darker-colored residents who have been with us for much too long. I’m not talking about felines with serious medical issues or personality problems—just young-to-middle-aged, healthy, good-natured cats who happen to be dark-colored.Sarafina

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed mentions of Sylvan, a darker brown tabby who, unaccountably, has not yet found a home. It’s true that he was very shy when he came to us, but he’s become so friendly now that it’s hard to imagine this is the same cat.

Another example is our Sarafina. About six years old, this beautiful black cat has been with us for years now, and we can’t imagine why. Sarafina loves a gentle tummy rub, she’s super-affectionate, and she’s got a big, loud purr. She’s a silly, happy extrovert, who actively seeks attention and will follow you as you move around her suite, hoping for just one more “skritch” on either side of her neck. She even gets along with other cats. Sarafina could stand to lose a couple of pounds, so she’s in our Weight Management Suite. But no matter how many people see her, she gets passed up for cats that have showier or lighter-colored coats. Maybe we ought to get her a little white hat, to prove she’s one of the “good guys”!Sarafina

Surely the most important aspect of any adoption should be the cat’s personality and whether that will fit into your living situation. If you’re thinking of adopting, do consider a darker-colored feline; they can be just as delightful as any calico or marmalade cat.

On behalf of the long-term residents of Tabby’s Place, thank you for your consideration!

7 thoughts on “Guest post: The overlooked cats of Tabby’s Place

  1. I have three black cats, two of whom–Tara and Bonzai–came from Tabby’s Place. If Sarafina doesn’t get adopted soon, I might just have to find a way to take her home. She’d certainly fit right in (and I think she probably remembers Tara from her own Weight Management Suite days!). Black cats rule! 🙂

  2. Sarafina is soooo beautiful!! Such an expressive face. Her eyes are just stunning. I personally LOVE black cats. I used to have what I called my “Halloween” kitty, Midnight. He was a wonderful pet. I hope Sarafina finds a forever home soon.

  3. You would think that personality and friendliness would be bigger factors than the cats color. I have one blond tabby (typical cat attitude – aloof), one light gray longhair (friendly when it suits him), and one all black and she is the most friendly, playful, and also a little bit loco.

  4. Unfortunately black cats get a bad rap throughout history, I read a book about it. My cat is black. My favorite Tabby’s Place cats who are black and got adopted: Michael, Buttons, Onyx, Pirate, and Midnigt. Granted Jasper who is black and FIV+ is still here along with sweet Sarafina also black.

  5. A cat I lost a few years ago, Isis, was quite the cat, and she was one of the most beautiful cats I ever had the pleasure of interacting with. The same goes for Miss Pia (who’s a tuxedo female)and one of the most opinionated cats I’ve had the pleasure of living with.

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