You’ve Got Male

You’ve Got Male

The Explorers, by DanielleTwo words can strike elation into even the hardest heart: kitten season.

And, this spring, one of the most gifted writers and volunteers I know is kind enough to chronicle our little ones’ adventures here on Felis Catus. There’s one catch: this dear scribe, hereafter known as Fuzzball, wishes to remain anonymous. So with great joy, I present the blog debut of Fuzzball and the kittens.

Lewis & Magellan, by DanielleThey say that boys are more trouble to raise than girls. Maybe it’s true.

This litter is a real handful! Magellan, Erik, Giovanni, Lewis, and Clark are all doing well, and all are extremely active by way of proof. Of course, wrestling with your brother (possibly with several brothers simultaneously) is great fun, but it wouldn’t do to forget the delightful activities of pouncing on a speck invisible to the humans, stalking a pen, attacking shoelaces, or just galloping about madly. At this age, that galloping is a little tricky. The boys haven’t quite gotten their legs under complete control yet, and they’re as likely to fall over as not in the middle of a run. We know that phenomenon will be short-lived, though. Within a week or so, they’ll be furry miniature rockets, capable of more than enough speed to confound any people trying to catch them.

The Explorers, by DanielleThe Explorers are all using their litter box now, a good sign. They’re doing much better at keeping themselves clean. And best of all, they’re now eating wet food entirely on their own. It seems they’re in a great hurry to grow up, as we cannot get them to touch any kind of kitten food; they’ll only consume food made for adult cats. Kittens do require extra nutrition, so this caused us some concern, but we’re feeding them a nutritionally-balanced canned food for cats of all ages, and our vet feels they’ll do just fine on that.

Giovanni, the most adventurous (and loudest) of the litter, is already on hold. He’ll go home as soon as he’s old enough, and we know the other boys will quickly follow suit. Meanwhile, we’ll just enjoy them while they’re around. They really are adorable!

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  1. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is cuter than a bunch of active, playful kittens — and this group shatters the cuteness quotient! I want to crawl in that cage with them and snuzzle!!!!

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