With a little help, part I

Tearful prologue: Shortly after this post was written, our jelly-belly boy Magellan made his final voyage. We miss him more than words can say, and take courage in knowing that friendship crosses even the furthest sea. Rest assured we are wrapping Ponce in comfort as he mourns beside us. Until we meet again, magical Magellan… […]

Epilogues: January 2022

January hath given, and January hath taken away. January hath given us Zebra Cake ice cream, and January hath taken away all remaining laughable attempts by our species to appear dignified. January hath taken away our queen Betty White (and our gentle jester Louie Anderson, and our soaring bard Meat Loaf), and January hath given […]

You’ve Got Male

Two words can strike elation into even the hardest heart: kitten season. And, this spring, one of the most gifted writers and volunteers I know is kind enough to chronicle our little ones’ adventures here on Felis Catus. There’s one catch: this dear scribe, hereafter known as Fuzzball, wishes to remain anonymous. So with great joy, I […]