In Memory: Erin

In Memory: Erin

Beloved ErinFor every cat adorer, there’s that one cat who started it all. This December we had to say a gut-wrenching goodbye to one of the great ones. There are no words for how much I miss this little pixie of a cat, and I am far from alone. As Erin was the cat who started his Tabby’s Place journey, huge-hearted Tabby’s Place volunteer Larry was the perfect one to pen her tribute.

Our tiny, sweet ErinA New First: Erin

“A new first;” this often describes the start of something new that can change your life. You never forget your first car, first job, and often your first love. These things become part of your life and are things you always remember.

Tabby’s Place is one of my firsts. I heard that Tabby’s Place was different, and I wanted to find out for myself. As I entered the lobby and found a chair, a small kitty jumped into my lap and went to sleep. Her name was Erin. It was like she was saying, you are mine now, and I will always be your first at Tabby’s Place. I will always be part of your life. Take care to remember that.

ErinI have been at Tabby’s Place going on three years now. I have loved kitties like Crystal, Ringo, Molly, Freda, Yasmine, Bellis, and Hillary. They are all wonderful kitties, but it all started with Erin. Erin was my first and will always be part of my life.

There are other firsts in my life, but Tabby’s Place and Erin will always be among the most important.

Sleep in peace, sweet girl.

Thank you, Larry, for loving her so faithfully and well.

10 thoughts on “In Memory: Erin

  1. Erin was truly a wonderful and pretty cat, RIP Erin. You will still be a beautiful memory in the hearts of those who met you. I’m sure they will always think of you and for that reason you will never be gone.

  2. Erin was part of my first experience at Tabby’s Place, as well. I came looking for a furry pal to play and snuggle with my ultra-social Pubert, and wound up choosing lovely Suri. As I sat down in the lobby to fill out the paperwork to take Suri home with me the same day, I noticed a kitten nearby. Except she wasn’t a kitten after all. She was mini Erin. At which point mini Erin jumped from the adjoining chair into my lap and sprawled across the previously-mentioned paperwork, lavishing me with a series of purrs and head-butts which lasted a good 45 minutes. Now granted, those forms should have only taken a few moments to complete, but Erin was quite set on getting her time in with me first, and used her baby paws to block the pen in my hand until that time was done. Each time I arrived at Tabby’s Place thereafter, Erin would pick up where we left off, and I always looked forward to those visits from my little friend with a huge smile. So have a safe trip, munchkin. We’ll see each other again. Promise.

  3. I will also miss erin tremedously. Over the 2 and a half years i’ve been volunteering, its so weird to come into the lobby and not see her. it’s just not the same without her

  4. Erin was truly one of the most darling cats I have ever met. I, too, had the experience of Erin being in my lap as one of the first kitties I met at Tabby’s Place. She would help me write my socialization reports each week and we would snuggle. I never missed a chance to pet her as I went throught the lobby during all my volunteer tasks each week. I am sure that Erin has finally gotten into the laundry room, where she so longed to be, and is currently snuggled up in a basket of freshly washed, warm laundry on the other side of the bridge. Rest in peace sweet kitty.

  5. Sweet girl, I’ll miss you more than you will ever know. I will continue to cherish memories of the last time I held your tiny purring presence and will never forget the image of you standing guard at the laundry room door. Until we meet again…

    1. I feel the same as everyone above and I’m crying much too hard to write this — she was one of a kind and loved so dearly by all of us. I always wished I could have taken her home…but now she is home and we will all see her again.

  6. I just went to visit Tabby’s Place the other day, having just returned for winter break from college. I went into the lobby and looked right towards the laundry room door. I was puzzled not to see her sitting there. Then I looked back towards the front desk, and there was a framed photo of what I had expected to see… little Erin by that door. It hit me that she was gone. Reading this blog today I am crying because not only was Erin one of the first kitties to greet me this past summer when I began volunteering, Larry was one of the first volunteers I worked with who showed me the ropes. I think your words were beautiful, Larry. You speak for all of us in remembering that little girl who would greet you at the door – whether it be laundry room or front. Rest in peace, angel.

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