Epilogues: July 2019

Epilogues: July 2019

Here’s something worth thinking about.

If you meet someone named Gus, is it short for August, Augustine, Augustus, or Asparagus?

Arlo meditates on his adoption chances: “FIV+, scarred to the skeleton, known for being a Big Giant Weenie…I say 100%!” And so it was.

Just a thought. After all, that leonine month is upon us, great gusts of goodness surely bellowing our way.

But first, may we turn our eyes to the July that was:

Arrived: Ale, India, Gose, Kolsch, Lager, Trent, Goose, Gander, Warren, Rascal, Ida, Seamus, Loon, Mallard, Albatross, Cleat, Beam, Starboard, Janelle, Jefferson, Jocelyn, Jolene, Claire

Arrived inside of Ida: Artur, Marysia, Agata, Konstanty, Krzysztof

Adopted: Nakia; JD; Alexondra & Griffin (together); Stark; Knight; Octavia; Trogdor; Xandarian; Peanut; Kieran & Idris (together); Jacob; Justin & Daphne (together); Elliot; Sunflower, Lucy and Desi (together YES ALL THREE AIEEEEEE); Pom Pom; Monsoon (see top thumbnail); Laura; Marzipan; Thor and Shuri (together); Luca and Hollandaise (together)

Returned: Toby; Polly

But fear not: Arlo’s eminent place has been taken by one ear-tufted triumph. Meet Ralph.

Cleared from Quarantine: Inigo Montoya, Liam, Kimmie, Wilma, Ralph, Toby

Promoted to the Medical Suite: Bugsy (pictured in top banner), a worthy successor to our beloved Miriam

Promoted to Heaven: Philly; Miriam*; Konstanty; Krzysztof

Stuff we learned: Cats dressed as humans: potentially comical. Humans dressed as cats: potentially whimsical. These humans dressed as these cats: the stuff of fever dreams and darkest nightmares.

*Tribute to Miriam coming soon.

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  1. OMG the pictures of Ralph and Arlo are wonderful. Lots of wonderful adoptions in July. Octavia will be wonderful with her awesome adopters – happiness and love forever. In another world, Miriam spent every minute of her 13 years in my arms – I will love her forever. Thank you for loving and taking care of her.

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