Contrary to all expectations…

Contrary to all expectations…

MaryMary has been adopted, after less than 4 months at Tabby’s Place.

Now, if ever we thought a cat could be “unadoptable,” Bagheera and his adopter smashed that prejudice last summer. But, by most estimations, wide-eyed Mary came close. Even this sweet pea’s original rescuer predicted, and I quote, “Mary will be a ‘lifer’ at Tabby’s Place.”

But, oh, how the predictions tumble. Gleefully.

Mary (left) with good buddies Emie and CoryOne caveat before I say any more about Mary: I have nothing against the vast majority of folks who come looking for a cat who will love them and cuddle them within the space of, say, a month. Heck, I’ve been one of them. My own first Tabby’s Place alum, my beloved Dibbles, stole my heart with his uber-affectionate, sunny spirit within the first ten minutes of meeting me. Never mind that he would then proceed to hide under my bed and hiss for the first five days at home, only to teach me the truth of “love is patient.” That’s another story for another post. But, I think it’s perfectly reasonable that most folks are looking for a cat who likes people – or at least them - and is willing to show some signs of that from the start.

Mary strollin' in the solariumBut not so for Mary’s new mom: with a soft spot for shy cats in need of superhuman patience, and a love for Mary’s especially pretty face and whip-smart ways, this special adopter was willing to take a leap of faith for our extra-shy girl. She opened her heart to Mary knowing full well that petting her wasn’t likely for quite a while, and earning her trust would be a slow process. As in, slower-than-molasses-going-uphill-in-January.

We all loved Mary like mad at Tabby’s Place, for her brilliance, her spirit, her devotion to other cats and her Maryness. What a delight it is to see her loved – and chosen – just the way she is, complete with her independent, sometimes-quite-contrary nature.

How I thank God that there are people like Mary’s adopter in this world with such deep patience and love. And how I want to be more like them with each passing day. New mom-to-Mary, you have my admiration and appreciation.

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  1. It’s easy to see how anyone could fall in love-at-first-sight with this adorable fuzzy! To Mary’s new mom– I just know you will, one day, discover the indescribable love that can only come from winning over a shy, scared little cat — it is truly a miracle and one worth waiting for! A long happy and healthy life to you!

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