Radiant Grady

Radiant Grady

GradyNews flash from Gradyville: our beloved boy is now off all medications!

If we thought Grady was a happy soul before, the tabby love-bug of the lobby has redefined “happy” for us now. The very day that Grady’s hated meds stopped, he was giddier than a 4-year-old at Disney Land.

Grady enjoying a nook of his ownNow, as you know, Grady’s always been affectionate. But never before has he welcomed me with such gusto as his first day med-free. Grady raced up to me in the lobby, rubbed my legs with all his might, and then began gleefully playing with the bottom hem of my jeans. Of all the words I’d use to describe our darling boy, “playful” would not be one of the first – so this was really an adorable surprise.

I should also mention that Grady isn’t the only one feeling giddy about his post-medicine existence: our brave associates distinctly don’t miss the days of Grady-wrangling. Yes, believe it or not, our sweet snuggle bug has another side, which he reserves for those “mean” folks who hold him down and stick pills down his throat.

GradyBut it’s all sweetness these days. Grady-love is feelin’ good, and will now twist around and put his belly in the air as soon as he sees me approaching, ready to share his rumbly purr in exchange for a tummy rub. Much as Grady has my heart, I know he’s no scrooge with his affections, and shares his snuggliness with all his friends. As it should be.

On a side note, Jonathan pondered aloud yesterday, “who would be the cast of the Grady Bunch in the lobby?” We were unanimous that Grady’s beautiful, in-love-with-herself desk-mate, Peachy, would definitely be Marcia, and Yasmine would make a fitting Alice. Perhaps Tashi would be bratty-but-cute Bobby?

But, no question, holding it all together would be the tabby with the heart of gold – our Grady.

Happy dance, anyone?

5 thoughts on “Radiant Grady

  1. Angela:

    My Grady-dance, which requires special shoes imported from a remote village in Belgium, has been going non-stop since I first read about the furry boy.

    I would like to be in the cast of “The Grady Bunch” but I must express concerns about being Sam, the butcher. Smelling of meat might lead to a hasty demise with so many feline costars.


  2. Fred, the role of Sam is yours – Grady and company would never consume a friend, especially not in his Belgian Grady-dance shoes. 🙂

  3. Oh Happy Day Mr. Grady Puss….
    I am very relieved that you are doing so well. Please continue to be well…whisker kisses and furry hugs!!!

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