Grady’s gifts go on

Grady’s gifts go on

Grady in "his" chair at the reception desk, May 2009I can hardly believe it’s been over two months since we lost Grady.

Has it gotten easier?  I know you’ll understand that the answer is yes and no.

“Yes” in the sense that I’ve stopped sobbing.

“No” – or, more accurately, “absolutely not” – in the sense that I still ache every single time I walk past the reception desk and don’t see him there. In my heart, I still do see him there.Grady's flowers, investigated by Grady's girl Peachy

“Yes” in the sense that I’ve been blindsided by hugs from hundreds of miles away, from friends who love Grady as much as I always will.

That would be you.

Sweet friends – or, I should say, extended family – I can’t thank you enough for your outpouring of love and thoughtfulness. I am overwhelmed and speechless at the way you have each cherished our boy’s life, and the generous ways you’re helping us human beans at Tabby’s Place to heal.

As one of you put it so well, Grady was and is “a very special kitty in a league of his own. He loved and was loved by too many to count.”

For Every Cat an AngelThe beautiful flowers towards the top of this post were sent by one beloved Grady-adorer less than 24 hours after Grady left us. As you can see, Grady’s girl Peachy immediately took to them. Those blossoms were a balm to my soul more than words can say.

Pictured at left is the beautiful book sent across the (many) miles by a fellow lover of Grady. How right you and this wise, simple book are in seeing and celebrating our boy as a miracle. I thank you for your deep reminder that he has his own angel, and that he is very much still alive in the ways that count most.

And then, just this week, came a box of blessings from one who knew and loved Grady even longer than we did. K had the great joy of fostering Grady before he came to Tabby’s Place, and she loved his sweet soul as well as anyone on the planet. I know he cherished her, too. Although I’ve not yet had the honor of meeting K, we are forever connected at the heart by our love for Grady. I can never thank her enough for giving him such a time of pre-Tabby’s Place sweetness. When I first opened the box from K…well, let’s just say that my earlier statement about “not sobbing anymore” became obsolete.

I’ve included a photo of one of K’s sweet gifts at right. It’s a Prosperity Tree, and, as K writes:Grady's Prosperity Tree, in front of his chair at the reception desk

The Prosperity Tree I thought was cute for Tabby’s Place… I want it to (continue to) prosper and let more Grady-bugs have a chance at a peaceful senior life and for a new forever home. And I thought the cats might have a little fun with the tiny bells 🙂

As you can see, we’ve placed K’s beautiful tree on the reception desk, right in front of the chair that was Grady’s favorite spot. The chair where I still see him, every time I walk by.

And yet he lives on. He lives on in a very real sense in heaven, I believe. And he lives on, each moment, in your amazing love, my friends. Thank you for being you. 

5 thoughts on “Grady’s gifts go on

  1. Here I am again, getting choked up over sweet Grady-man. Oh how I loved him from afar. Just as I love Tashi, Pirate, sweet little Flora, etc. (I could go on all day.) I keep planning to visit, but am afraid I’d never leave. I’d be sleeping on your couch every night with all those sweet babies you tend to. Thank you for giving them all such love and devotion.

  2. He was truly loved from near and far, remember Angela as you said before – he is gone for now but not forever. You will get to have more time together some day.

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