Memento vive

Memento vive

090714-grady-by-laura-1Today we remember.

We remember battles and sacrifices, blooming in fields of freedom.

We remember the quiet heroics of another species of warrior.

091029-pepper-the-beautiful-1We remember the defiant ones like Pepper and Dusty, kicking dust in the faces of their diagnoses and passing their “expiration dates” by years.

We remember the gentle ones like Cali, whose presence never seemed so large until it was lost.

We remember the groovy ones like Mr. Grey, whose fight against tyranny and diabetes was always coooooooool.

We remember the ones like Tony who ministered to our souls, showing the love of God when human hearts grew faint.

091013-tony-esme-3We remember the ones it hurts almost too much to remember…but whom it would hurt much more to forget.

We remember how you loved us. We are better for how you changed us. We name you in our hearts. We remember you all.

We will see you in that better country, the Kingdom where all our rememberings will be swallowed up in the “today” of triumphant love.

And we will remember to live. We’ll honor the dead and fight like hell for the living. And we’ll get up to do it all another day because of you.

Thank you, hero cats and humans, for teaching us anew to number our days with delight.

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