That agreeable odor

That agreeable odor

110817 Keith & Macaroon 1Every once in a great while, we receive an offer so compassionate, so compelling, so colossal, that we simply must share it with you.

This week, we’ve received the most unstinky of offers.

If you happen to be a human being, you’re assailed with a lot of offers this time of year. 50% off tablets! 75% off NutriBullets! Buy one MyPillow, get twelve free! If 100,000,000 people each give $1, Jonathan will grow his hair into a man bun!*

It’s all so much static, when what we need is a song.

But amidst the din, there are sweeter sounds. For every unforgivable Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime,** there’s an O Come, O Come Emmanuel. For every atrocious Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, there’s a Quelle est cette odeur agreable?

Quelle est cette what?

Macaroon as a wee little cookie, 2011.
Macaroon as a wee little cookie, 2011.

The cats and I understand if you’re not familiar with that particular, peculiar old French Christmas carol. I wasn’t, either, until my ambitious church choir director decided to unleash it on our scrappy little choir. Woodenly translated, the title means — yes, really — “Where is that agreeable odor coming from?” More poetically, “Whence is that goodly fragrance flowing?”

Either way, this may seem utterly unrelated to Christmas — but we’ll get back to that. In the meantime, a certain “goodly odor” has blown through our doors, in the form of one unstinky offer.

This is where I hand the mic to the amazing Mr. L:

“Thank You for the opportunity to tell my story about Stinker/Macaroon, who I met four short years ago at Tabby’s Place.

“At the time, she fit right into my hand. Because I was alone for so many years, I wanted to share my remaining years with a furry little critter for companionship. I saw several cats…but when I saw this little black bundle of fur, it was LOVE at first sight. This was all so unexpected. She was only a few weeks old, and born to a feral mother, if I remember correctly.

“I took Macaroon home when she was big enough. When she pooped and passed gas, she stank up the entire room where I had her litter box, so her new name became Stinker, and it stuck. We were together for the next four years. There was a lot of love and companionship on both sides.

Macaroon as a full cookie pie, 2015.
Macaroon as a full cookie pie, 2015.

“It wasn’t until I spent more time in the hospital and rehab centers, because of my COPD, that I realized I wasn’t being fair to her just having someone come in to care for her on a daily basis. It broke my heart the day I made the decision, but I needed to return Stinker to Tabby’s Place. I cried like a little girl when she was taken away.

“They take good care of Stinker at Tabby’s Place. But when I visit with her — which I do as often as I can, on my way back from my VA medical appointments — I realize she needs a home of her own, with someone who will love her as much as I have.

“So my offer to you is this: provide a good, indoor-only home, with lots of love, for Macaroon, and I will pay all the adoption fees. Thank you for your consideration…”

If he were a different sort of soul, Mr. L might wish for Macaroon/Stinker — Stinkeroon, if you will — to stay at Tabby’s Place forever. She’d be safe, happy and loved; he’d be able to see her regularly. I wouldn’t blame him for this.

But this is a larger sort of love.

Stinkeroon is, as Mr. L said, happy at Tabby’s Place. But there’s a hunger inside her happiness, an exuberance that’s shouting for something permanent. She’s known love of the highest order, and she won’t rest (from meowing, circling, rolling, hurling her sofa-sized self into your legs) until she can claim it again.

And Mr. L loves Stinker enough to want her full-sized happiness…even if that means saying goodbye.

"See? I do this 'forever home' business awesomely well."
“See? I do this ‘forever home’ business awesomely well.”

Treasure that up in your hearts, kittens. This is a true story of love found, love lost, and love redeemed everlastingly. The bond that Mr. L and “Stinkeroon” share is eternal. This is the sort of love that overflows its own banks and simply must share itself. This is the sort of love that gives its all. For in laying down its claims, it finds new life and unsinkable joy.

Reminds me a bit of another Love, ancient and ever new:

Whence is that goodly fragrance flowing,
Stealing our senses all away?
Never the like did come a-blowing,
Shepherds, from flow’ry fields in May.
Whence is that goodly fragrance flowing,
Stealing our senses all away?

Bethlehem, there in manger lying,
Find your Redeemer, haste away!
Run ye with eager footsteps hieing,
Worship the Saviour born today.
Bethlehem, there in manger lying,
Find your Redeemer, haste away!

If you think the next page of Macaroon’s love story may be inscribed with your name, please haste here.

Perhaps, in this season when the light leaves early and our senses strain for sweetness, we’re wise to sing with the cats and the French. Que la paix soit universelle, que la grace abonde en tous lieux.

*No, Jonathan is not actually offering this. But I have a strong suspicion he’d consider it for an actual hundred meelion dollars.
**If you love this song, I’m sorry. But which I mean, I’m sorry for you.

6 thoughts on “That agreeable odor

  1. What an incredible, loving, selfless gift, Mr. L! Your adoration for that big beautiful kitty is palpable and beyond admirable. I have tears in my eyes from your story. Next time I see Macaroon, I will give her extra lovin’ just for you!

  2. This reminds me of the story last year about Sneakers, when the beloved Uncle could no longer care for him.

    I hope he meets the same happy ending that Sneakers did.

  3. Love and best wishes to you Mr. L, and to your wonderful kitty Macaroon (Stinker). May your wish come true. Thank you Angela, Jonathan and Tabby’s Place – your magic makes this love possible

  4. Oh, what a beautiful story! How I wish we could adopt darling Macaroon, but I know soon somebody will, and I know it will be the perfect somebody. Mr. L, what a wonderful and loving human you are! I know that just as Macaroon will always be in your heart, you will always be in hers!

  5. Two huge hugs: Mr L and Angela … and gentle pats to Macaroon. I’ve just read about two wonderful love stories … and I’m in awe. I’m praying for God to pull off something amazing in the story of Mr L and his beautiful kitty. Stay connected, please. God’s not finished pulling off miracles … especially when sacrificial love is present!

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