Guest post: Do you wanna Fanta?

Guest post: Do you wanna Fanta?

21911993180_74e1d93f3e_zI’m sorry.

I’m sorry that, by titling this post as it is titled, I’ve infected your brain with the Fanta commercial song.image002But, although that’s unforgivable, keep reading. You’ll be glad you did. (You can always listen to the Hamilton soundtrack to cleanse your aural palate. You can, and you should. It’s frickin’ electrifying. But I digress.)

You may recall a Tabby’s Place cat named Fanta. You may. More likely, you may not. And that’s forgivable, because Fanta didn’t want you to recall her, or even to call her in the first place.

When she first arrived with her four-pack of soda kittens (Birch, Sasparilla, Cola and Fresca), Fanta was a fearful young mom. When the kittens were inevitably adopted, Fanta was a fearful young empty nester. When we moved her into Adoption Room #3, Fanta was a fearful young Recreation Director for the little old lady cats. (Her definition of recreation: “Let’s all cower under the chairs.”)

There were moments of courage, flashes of brilliance, hints that she was not going to miss her shot…but nervousness nudged out possible adopters.


One day, Fanta met a luminous human we’ll refer to as PZ. And, in a sudden blaze, Fanta was a fearless flame of love.

Don’t believe me? Just watch. Party on, PZ:

“Just checking in to let you know how much I LOVE and adore Ms. Fanta (or Zoe Fantana, or Abby, as she is now called). She is doing great and very, very happy! Thank you so much for your great instincts and leading me to a perfect love match.

“Abby is still figuring everything out, but every day she is spending more time confidently strutting around her private room, playing and being absolutely delightful. She purrs so much, and today, actually gave me my first full body check – boom right up against me as I was sitting on the floor.

image003“She is so affectionate and loves to be pet while she is eating (or anything else) and just goes into a big mush pile when she can’t handle it anymore. I honestly do not think that girl has a mean bone in her body. She takes everything in stride, and there is no hissing, hiding or anything else that shows a sign of being afraid or overwhelmed. Honestly, she spends a lot of time on her back during playtime, and I’ve seen a lot of that sweet white belly!!

“She is using the litter box great, drinking plenty of spring water, and LOVES her treats. As for my other cats, Cancun and Patch, they are not interested in her at all, LOL! They know there is a kitty in the room, and they’ve caught a glimpse of her when she darted out while I was doing litter, but they don’t hang around the door or otherwise pay her any mind. They are obviously fine with her – she’s the one who will need to take it slow and build up confidence before going out there among the big cats. I’ll know when she’s ready, but right now she is very content. She is perfect.

“You should hear the purrs when she’s simply laying down and the eyes go all squinty. She melts me!

“Abby is an AMAZING spirit and simply has a heart of gold. I cannot believe how quickly she has made me fall in love with her, but goodness, you’d have to be an iceberg not to melt around her.

“I am so blessed to have this girl in my life – and Tabby’s Place too!”image004

Happy Thanksgiving, Fanta Zoe Abby wonder. Happy Thanksgiving, PZ. And happy, blessed, beautiful Thanksgiving, kittens. These are the days of miracle and wonder.

PS: FantAbby is just the latest cat blessed to join the Z family. We love our Zs something fierce. You get extra, super, bonus credit if you remember Patch and his late, great wife Ginger. And you still get a gold star if you don’t, because I’m just generous like that.

All photos courtesy of PZ, except thumbnail, by awesome Rob S.

3 thoughts on “Guest post: Do you wanna Fanta?

  1. A great lesson in the difference between a timid kitty at Tabby’s Place and the same timid kitty in a private home! Give those shy guys a chance… they will surprise you!

  2. Warm and wonderful story – giving thanks (aren’t we all) for the love of cats. Happy Thanksgiving to all Tabby’s Place cats and family and friends – from a big thankful fan.

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