Tara Talk guest post: Trials and Timeshares

Tara Talk guest post: Trials and Timeshares

Today, you shall get a greater glimpse of Tara’s true love for Simba.

Although she’s far too gracious to say so directly, be it known that this loving update was written after Simba savaged Tara’s own personal arm. And “savaged” is a gentle understatement.

But love survives teeth, and real love has teeth of its own — and Timeshares, as you’ll read in Tara’s update. – A.H.

Don’t let the tardiness of this update fool you; it’s been pretty busy in Simba Land lately. Sometimes a little more than Simba himself enjoys, actually.

That’s because Suite B has seen a lot of traffic this fall! With a few of his roommates (Rebel, Wesley, Bozzie, and Dante) finding forever homes, and newcomers (Sampson, Oliver, Twist, Bubble and Squeak – though the latter three were off to their new homes as quick as they came!) arriving, it’s been pretty busy.

But “busy” isn’t Simba’s cup of tea. He much prefers lounging on his own, with occasional interludes of food and catnip toys. This made him a perfect candidate for the Tabby’s Place Timeshare, a quiet room where cats who get stressed out by their feline brethren can have some alone time to relax. Each cat on the rotation gets a blissful night of me-time in a nice room away from the rigors of suite life, and Simba instantly loved it! The single life suits this handsome bachelor, and the effects of the weekly time-out have helped him be less stressed…most of the time.

But cats will be cats, and cats love to give us humans a challenge. So, despite Simba’s general temperament improving, his tendency to deal with stress by taking a bite out of the nearest human got worse. It’s hard to say why this sweet fella turns so quickly from purring to snapping, but he’s got a definite short fuse. (As a fellow redhead, I must admit that it’s not an uncommon trait among us.)

To ease his stress and save the humans’ hands and ankles from his wrath, Simba has begun behavior medication. Since there’s an adjustment period with meds of this type, Simba is enjoying a prolonged Timeshare in a private room until his moods have leveled out. He’s a big fan of his private accommodations, and of the nice big window where he can sun himself all afternoon. He’ll meow and purr happily as he kneads his big paws on anything — even the floor — and rubs all over your legs.

(Leah does miss him terribly, but she’s comforting herself by playing in Suite B’s hand sink.)

For now, Simba is a little moody, but otherwise enjoying his time of quiet hibernation. As his human bestie and official press agent, my hope is that he enters the new year as a new and confident Lion King, ready to shed his grumpiness and anxiety and finally find his Hakuna Matata.

Tara, you’re a big part of Simba’s bliss in this world. He’s blessed to have you on his side through all his contradictions, and we’re blessed to have you both in our Tabby’s Place family. Rock on, righteous redheads!


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  1. Oh, Tara! Simba is so lucky to have you for a friend. Thank you for loving him, even when he forgets to love you back. Love that orange tummy. These pictures are precious – and Leah is adorable, too.

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