Tara Talk guest post: The Office

Tara Talk guest post: The Office

Some things never change.

Simba‘s life, however, is the stuff David Bowie sang about. Today, Tara takes us through the latest twists and turns…

Happy New Year!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already broken your New Year’s resolution. (I swear someday I will actually learn to use that elliptical machine). When you’re a cantankerous (but lovable) cat, resolutions are a silly human business. But even our friend Simba is making some changes in 2018.

After a tumultuous time trying to readjust to life in Suite B, Simba has moved into Director of Operations Danielle’s office. This comes with pros and cons.

Pros: a nice big window, a fancy water fountain, less uninitiated visitors fingers at risk.

Cons: new roommates. Virginia and Macaroon are big personalities! Those girls are forces to be reckoned with and have a frenemy feud that would make Bette Davis and Joan Crawford blush. Sweet Missy and sniffly Sophia usually keep themselves to themselves, but in a small room, everybody gets a turn at hearing Simba’s thoughts on how claw caps are an abomination and nobody should be getting in his way.

A pheromone-infused calming collar has helped his anxiety, and with some furniture rearrangements (and a lot of patience on the part of Danielle), things are beginning to settle down from Oh Dear to OK.

The really good bit, though, is that Simba once again has his very own Spot. There’s a nice cozy corner of the desk that’s hard for the girls — who are all, shall we say, generously sized — to get to. And so Simba has a nice little Pride Rock to call his own. From his safe perch, he can survey all the goings-on and even see out the window if he wants.

And, as our handsome fella adjusts to his new life as the sole bachelor in a feline sorority house, he’s also undergoing some behavior modification training to work on his temper. With some patience and some work, I think everyone will be able to enjoy Simba’s unique charms as much as I do!

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  1. It is so nice to hear from Tara and Simba! The ladycats in Danielle’s office will probably soon be bringing Simba Temptations and Party Mix. He’s such a handsome fella.

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