Tara Talk guest post: Stepping out

Tara Talk guest post: Stepping out

You’re in for a treat, Simba-smitten souls.

Our stellar volunteer Tara is back with an update on our difficult, delightful Lion King. Take it away, Tara…

Hello, cat lovers!

It’s been a while since I updated you on my friend Simba. Despite this failing as a press agent, he’s been kind enough to keep me on his staff. (Once you get on his good side, he’s a surprisingly forgiving fella.)

Simba has been mostly enjoying life in the office of our Director of Operations, Danielle. He and Macaroon have reached a delicate detente: as long as each of them gets a window bed and nobody makes any sudden moves, the peace can usually be kept. Missy and Sophia are content to keep their own counsel. (Actually, Missy prefers to keep as close to Danielle as possible. If that’s not an option, she chooses a nice high perch above the drama.)

I’m sorry to say that Danielle’s ankles have still suffered from Simba’s anxiety-driven chomps. He has serious stress about any fast movement in front of his face, and humans need to walk, so sometimes there’s a clash. We’re still working on that.

We’ve tried a few methods of giving Simba some time off from his roommates. Not too long ago, Tabby’s Place acquired a cat stroller! It’s mostly intended for taking some of our disabled cats like Pixie and Anka outside, but I took Simba out for a special treat. He sniffed excitedly at the breeze…and then began to howl and headbutt the stroller in an attempt to escape and run free. So, it was a partial success.

When Simba lived in Suite B, he did occasionally enjoy lounging in the attached solarium, so I took him out there on a day that it was empty and let him have run of the place. Outside + freedom? WAY better than outside + a little stroller. He still had some anxiety from the change in scenery, but mostly he enjoyed his mini vacation.

Aside from his field trips, life is pretty steady for Tabby’s Place’s own lion king. He’s learning to enjoy enrichment play and chasing the infamous red laser dot, watching birds during the day, and rubbing on his chosen humans’ legs until we leave covered in tufts of orange fur. He’s even back to his old habit of showing off his belly, if you’re very lucky!

Until next time, Simba and I wish you a break from the rain, all the treats you can handle, and cozy naps in the sun.

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