Guest post: Zesty: That Lemon is a lulu

Guest post: Zesty: That Lemon is a lulu

Oman? Oh, man.


There is a feisty knuckle nibbler in the Special Needs Suite. She is a young calico from a far-away land with a personality that expands far beyond her wee bit of a still-growing body. This piquant cutie is, as you know, none other than Lemon.

Lemon demands, and out of necessity (see the bit about the nibbling), is receiving special attention. [Lemon, lady! We are NOT tangy treats!]

Normally, when life hands you lemons (forget about the lemonade already; have a glass of iced tea), you use the juice, slices, or zest in some delicious recipe or another. In this case, you want the Lemon, the whole Lemon, and nothing but the Lemon. Moreover, Lemon wants you right back.

Lemon wants a lap. Lemon wants to be seen. Lemon wants pets and affection and attention.

Lemon also wants to be heard. This little girl actually can’t help but be heard (not all of the reasons are great, but the vet team is doing their thing!). This beautiful little traveler is talkative with a zing. She is simply ama-zing. Her lovely little eyes are bla-zing.

Unlike a bum car with a bad engine, this Lemon is no lemon. She may be a little bit of a lulu who will throw us all for a loop, but Lemon is definitely for keeps!

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