Guest post: Sometimes

Guest post: Sometimes

Here’s the thing. A gin & tonic with a bowl of Salsa Verde Doritos isn’t really “dinner.”

But, once in a while, a person needs to meander off the path of “usually,” “really,” and “typically” in order to 1) experience different things and 2) protect one’s sanity.

Amidst the myriad sources of crazy-making that abound in this fun-house of fear, timidity, and trepidation, sometimes one needs to reconsider what anything (EVERYTHING) is.

Is it relevant? Is it important? Is it risky? Do the benefits, importance, and relevance outweigh the risks? So, this evening’s ingestions thus far include 1.25 gin & tonics and 97.3% of a bowl of Salsa Verde Doritos (best flavor! limited availability ☹).

The benefit of rare no-think eating, the importance of giving in to the occasional weakness, and the benefits of sharing space with someone who also happily shares your favorite indulgences cannot be overestimated.

Do we sometimes get a little silly about holding Divya‘s dinner for her? Do we occasionally give Stafford more treats than a little, old cat needs? Do we spoil the kittens? I certainly hope so! But, not all of the time. Sometimes.

“Sometimes” is one of the most impossible, improbable, impregnable fortresses of a point on the space-time continuum. Sometimes, I spend more time with Angelo than I should, just because he’s Angelo (I know that you know that I know that you know exactly what I mean).

Sometimes I linger too long with Snoop just trying to figure out what goes on in that wonderful, roly poly little head of his.

Sometimes (in truth, almost every single time), I spend more hours at Tabby’s Place on a Thursday than I really can spare. But, how can I not? Importance to cats and me, benefits to cats and me, low risk to cats and me…why would I be there any less?

Sometimes you have to do the thing that doesn’t make the most sense, that doesn’t fit the schedule, or in some other way doesn’t conform to the usual, the necessary, or the expected. But, as my grand uncle used to say, “One does what one gots ta does.”

For me, this time that means snuggling with my Panther on my lap, munching the BEST DORITOS EVER, sipping my delicious cocktail (cheers to my beloved bartender!), and being grateful for the existence of a special kitty sanctuary while knowing in my heart of hearts that I’ll get to be there again…sometime soon.

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  1. Oh my – you are saying you wasted the whole day playing with cats at Tabby’s Place? And not eating your vegetables? I think this kind of behavior is enriching and life confirming. Go on, you wonderful Kitty Le Fey – waste your time at Tabby’s Place. And give Steven a cuddle and kiss for me!

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