Guest post: Lizards

Guest post: Lizards

Joe Piscopo, local, comedian, actor, portrayer of a lounge lizard.

Bill Murray, not at all local, comedian, actor, portrayer of a lounge lizard.

Lounge lizards. Crooners. Performers. Bar acts.

We at Tabby’s Place are quite familiar with lounge lizards…uh, cats. Each of the resident Lounge cats is an excellent, experienced, exquisite lounger.

They’re a peculiarly quiet crew (purring aside), as lounge lizards go. Simon would just love to lounge with you. Farrah often lounges in shadows as dark as her fur. Reese would prefer to lounge on the cat tree nearest the sink. Shifty prefers to lounge wherever Reese would rather be. (Okay, that’s not always so quiet.)

Then there is Marjory, the queen of all loungers. Marjory will blissfully lounge in a bowl of candy, on a basket of chips, or on the binder you’re trying to update, sometimes even on a lap. Anything is prime lounging territory for that terrific tortie. (Marjory does sometimes make a bit of…noise…at mealtimes when she’s hangry, but she is, as previously stated, a tortie.)

How lucky are we when this loungey, lovely girl decides to lounge on one of us. It is difficult to resist succumbing to Marjory’s fuzzy little will. It’s difficult to do the right thing and to control the interaction. She’s so very Marjory.

The rest of the (mostly) insulin dependent crew are less fickle with their affections. Sit on the sofa. Shifty is very likely to end up next to you. Give that head some serious scratching, and you’ll find a friend for life.

Spend some time loving on Reese and whisper sweet nothings to her. “Ree-sees, I love you to pie-ces.” “How is my Ree-see cup?” Candy is dandy, but our lovey is 100% cat.

Wait! Stop! Listen!

Look around for the sound.

That’s Farrah’s purr. She has crept from her cozy, dark hiding place in favor of attention. That is, until she’s drawn over to her favorite (only?) watering hole. The truest lounge lizard always knows where to go for drinks.

And, Simon. Nothing simple about him, and he will neither confirm nor deny any involvement with pies. (I’ve asked.) Although, I would bet real money that he would walk through a messy, pie-filled obstacle course to get to a person on the other side.

These are our lounge lizards for now. Rotations to other spaces, adoptions, and other things keep the lounge in flux. But, a visitor there will always be able to relax, grab a snack, and lounge around in the very best company.

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