Guest post: My Fuzzy valentine

Guest post: My Fuzzy valentine

fuzzy-kim-1There are certain offers you can’t refuse. They come from barrel-chested men with names like Vito and Luca.

There are other offers you can…but only if you’re a dang fool (of the sort pitied by this gentleman).  These offers come from golden felines who just might be the Brad Pitt of cats.

Not wanting to risk Mr. T’s pity, or my tenuous status as a non-fool, I accepted Fuzzy‘s offer immediately. It only sweetened the deal that he made his pitch on none less than Valentine’s Day. This is the part where I bow out and hand things over to Fuzzy, as told to his adopter, Kim:

“My name is Fuzzy, and I am an alumnus of Tabby’s Place.

“On Valentine’s Day 2010, amidst a crowd of well-wishers, I left my home of two years – the Tabby’s Place FIV Suite – for my forever home with volunteer Kim. Though today is our official anniversary, Kim says that the legendary Cupid had been at work long before. She had fallen in love with me the first time she set eyes on me.fuzzy-on-fluff-2011-12-19-104409

“Kim’s volunteer work at Tabby’s Place includes serving as a correspondent for some of our Special Needs cats. Every month, the cats’ kind sponsors receive updates about their chosen felines, as well as a photo or two to treasure. When Kim met me, she applied right away to be my correspondent, a match that made our bond deeper. It allowed her to share her love, as well as my medical news, with other admirers. I must admit, my witty sense of feline humor, combined with my big green eyes and gorgeous buff coat, was making me irresistable.

“However, certain obstacles at Kim’s home precluded my adoption. When not at Tabby’s Place, Kim is a Dachshund rescuer who specializes in helping senior Dachshunds to safety. Earlier commitments made to rescued animals had to be honored. Kim knew I was healthy, happy, and well-cared for at Tabby’s Place. I was in the best of hands! However, she later told me that her heart was broken each time she had to leave me after our weekend visits. She secretly worried that someone else would fall in love with me, too, and adopt me before she was able to do so herself.

fuzzy-closeup-1Finally, everything at Kim’s home was settled, and she applied for adoption. Though she was a long-time volunteer at Tabby’s Place, every adopter goes through the same screening process. Kim felt like an expectant parent, as veterinary and personal references were checked. Kim also consulted with the wonderful staff at Tabby’s Place and her own veterinarian. My FIV+ status raised a few concerns about my living with Kim’s FIV- cats. It would take a little cooperation on the part of these other cats to allow me to cohabit with them comfortably and safely. Proper care and introduction processes were reviewed, for the protection of all pets concerned. I was also going to learn to share my new home with two senior Dachshunds, and we were not sure how I would like that..

“Finally, adoption day arrived! Since then, I have ruled this little roost with a style and comical sense of humor all my own. The feeling of wonder that Kim experienced from our first meeting has never left her. She smiles each time she looks at me, and still can’t believe she is lucky enough to be able to share her home and life with me. My days are spent sitting near sunny windows, where I can watch the birds that come to the pretty feeders in the yard. When I tire of watching, I nap, and await Kim’s return from work. My role then changes to that of ‘supervisor,’ as I watch Kim prepare dinner for our little feline & canine family. She spends quality time with each of us, and tells me how much she loves me, and has missed me throughout her day.fuzzy-october-2011

“I have sent along some of my photos, so you can see how I have settled in over the past two years.

“Kim says I make her ‘smile with her heart.’ Maybe that says it all.

“Thank you, Tabby’s Place, for taking a chance on a lonely yellow cat, who was found wandering cold and hungry as a stray on the streets of Camden years ago. I received top-notch medical attention, combined with the tender loving care that Tabby’s Places does best! It allowed me to be the best boy I could be. I would be remiss if I didn’t also express my thanks for the miraculous intervention of Cupid, who helped me find my way home.

“But Tabby’s Place knows all about making miracles happen. Ours is just another example of Tabby’s Place sharing the love.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!
“Your Fuzzy Valentine”

When Fuzzy eyes are smiling (er, wrong holiday) – when the eyes of the heart are smiling, we know we’re in true-love territory. Happy heart day, Fuzzy and Kim.

5 thoughts on “Guest post: My Fuzzy valentine

  1. We have 3 FIV+ and 3 FIV – and one FIV- foster. They do fine together, it’s just knowing your cats! It sounds like this little boy got a great home, with a wonderful person!
    Happy Gotcha day….and many more to come!

  2. Dear Kim: I just read that Fuzzy is no longer with us on Valentine’s Day, 2022. Thank you for sharing him with us all these wonderful years. I have a big love for orange boycats, and my heart was always happy to know Fuzzy was living his best life with you. Sincere love and admiration to you from Flicka and her own orange boycat Peanut.

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