Guest post: More Space

Guest post: More Space

Do find yourself having obsessive clear outs and reorganizing lately, or is it just me?

I know two couples that are clearing out too, but they’re moving, so that just doesn’t count.

Sometimes after a good clearing out, I collapse into an exhausted heap. Other times, I’m energized and feel like a new me. That last phenomenon has me wondering if Billy Jean had a recent clear out of her own.

Billy Jean’s human office mate recently reported a wonderful (except when trying to get work done) change in Billy Jean’s behavior. Our shy, shaggy-haired gray is suddenly an in-your-face attention seeker. That’s quite a change. Perhaps she had an emotional clear out. It’s a story she will keep to herself, as cats do.

If we humans aren’t there for an event, good luck getting the story from a cat.

Thanks to quite a few peeples, we don’t have to work so hard at learning Dracula’s story. For us, that too started with clearing out, but in a different sense.

Timing being everything, Tabby’s Place had more space for yet another kitty in need. The great machine was thrust into action. Turns out, with every cat in need, we always find more space in our hearts to let them in.

To be continued…

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