Guest post: Gimme a break!

Guest post: Gimme a break!

I had one vacation day left.

I really needed a vacation, but this just couldn’t cut it.

Big plans included dropping a car at the shop for routine maintenance, having a nurse visit for my routine maintenance, take-out breakfast from a favorite restaurant, then numbing my mind with TV and crocheting, and a slight bit more than a little, very necessary online shopping. Went a tad crazy, and did some laundry too. What fun!

Actually, it was very good of my boss to honor full vacations, considering the furloughs we had, but it did feel a bit pointless doing more of the “nothing” that has overfilled the 2020 cup. There are many better things than nothing to have overfill one’s cups: tea, coffee, bourbon, beer, cat-muffin-tops.

Speaking of cat-muffin-tops (we were, weren’t we?), have you noticed how well the cats at Tabby’s Place are filling out their spaces?

I, for one, am a big Hobo and Stanley fan. But, oh, the face on Pluto! Miranda‘s coat! Murphy‘s whiskers, Harlem‘s nose, Honey‘s eyes…the list goes on and on.

Our loving sanctuary’s cup runneth over. So, when the wrong cup seems too much, and a vacation day doesn’t mean much, a look at the Tabby’s Place website provides hope and reassurance. We are there for the cats, adopters are out there, we’re in this together, and my heart gets the break it needs from this crazy time in this wacky world.

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