Guest post: Bobble blast

Guest post: Bobble blast

bialy1Many long years ago, there was a movie about a bunch of old toys. They were eagerly awaiting Christmas, and warmly welcomed the new toys when it came. The movie concluded with all the toys embracing and singing a song with lyrics like “Old friends, new friends, friends who are more awesome than sparkles…” (Something like that.)

The following guest post made me think of that song.

Bialy the magnificent...and large.
Bialy the magnificent...and massive.

Before we get too warm and squishy, consider yourself warned: for the next few paragraphs, this blog is about to be hijacked by a certain wobbly, bobbly creature, pirate radio style. I surrender to Bialy:

“Hi Everyone!

“It’s me Bialy here, along with my big brudder Joe. We read in Auntie Angela’s blog that she was looking for Guest Bloggers, so here we are.

“Joe and me are two of the lucky kitties who have been residents of Tabby’s Place. We’re lucky for two reasons: First, we were brought to Tabby’s Place by very wonderful people who knew we needed help and that Tabby’s Place was perfect for us. Second, we’re lucky ’cause out of all the wonderful kitties at Tabby’s Place, our Momma & Poppa picked us to take home with them.

“There’s a lot more lucky kitties like us, and that’s why we decided to write this blog. We were rememberin’ living at Tabby’s Place and how much fun we had. We didn’t really know each other until we came to our furrever home, but we knew the same very special human beans.

bialy2“I’m a Special Needs kitty, which means I just needed a little more attention (yucky medicines, and I needed to have people around that could watch that I was feeling good and didn’t need to get more yucky medicine!).

“Joe here… I’m not a Special Needs kitty like Bialy, but I had an eye problem that made it not so comfortable to keep my eye open and blink. Thanks to Uncle Jonathan and a lot of very caring people who donate each month to Tabby’s Place, my eye was fixed and it doesn’t hurt me now.

“I guess some human beans overlooked me in the past, ’cause sometimes when my eye hurt, I was grumpy. I let some of the other kitties kinda push me around, ’cause I just wanted to keep to myself. Now that I feel great, I play with my brudder Bialy and my other brudder Pewter. Pewter never lived at Tabby’s Place but he knows all about it cause we tell him how great a place it is!

“I loved being out in the solarium mostly. I could watch the birds and bugs and squirrels and even butterflies that used to visit Cherny’s Garden. If I wanted, I could stay out there all the time (even if it was raining) since there’s a lot of comfy beds and toys – even outside. Of course, I could go inside anytime I wanted to. The tunnel from inside to outside is fun!

Handsome Joe
Handsome Joe

“All the wonderful sponsors made life for me at Tabby’s Place real fun. I do miss it sometimes (and I miss by BFF Mango!), but Momma and Poppa bring me catnip toys and soft velour mats from Tabby’s Place.

“I’m back… it’s me Bialy again… now Joe’s happy, I let him write something. We wanted to thank ALL the special people who over the years helped both of us find our furrever homes. We’re hoping too that a lot of new people will become Sponsors and help all our friends who still live at Tabby’s Place. I bet if some of the Tabby’s Place kitties who now have their own furrever homes would ask their new Momma’s and Poppas, they might be allowed to become donors/sponsors too. Joe & I did, and now we’re lucky enough to be Sponsors of the Special Needs Fund. That helps all the Special Needs kitties, since they really do need just a little more help from the humans beans than the healthy kitties. It makes us feel really good to be able to give back some of the help we were lucky to get while we lived there.

bialy4“If you can’t give a donation, maybe your own human beans could volunteer to help with all the things that need to be done around Tabby’s Place everyday. We all deserve a clean home, fresh food and water each day, and plenty of clean, soft, nice smelling beds to nap in. Toys too!!! It takes a lot of work by the human beans to make sure we have all that – and then…… we always love to have human visitors to pet us, play with us and give us bunches of love (we give the love right back too!). Some of us even like to be brushed. I know I do. Joe didn’t like it too much when he first came home but he does now.

“Thank you everybody for helping us and Tabby’s Place. We love you all!
“Bialy & Joe”

This concludes this test of the emergency Bobbleicious System. In the event of an actual bobble emergency, Bialy’s got you covered. (And Joe too.)

4 thoughts on “Guest post: Bobble blast

  1. Bialy and Joe are some lucky kitties! Thanks to Tabby’s Place I got to meet their mamma and pappa and they are some really special human beans! Thanks to them and to Tabby’s Place, too, for all that they do for cats every where!

  2. Oh, YAY! How cute are these guys? They were both always favorites of mine (like every other Tabby’s Place cat!) and they are doing so well — with so much love and such a great momma and daddy! Love to all!

  3. Bialy – I know that you and your family enjoyed my guest post several months ago and I must say that yours along with Joe’s help was also very good. You as a former resident (I met you on a visit when you were very young) can really appreciate all the good that Tabby’s Place does for the cats that pass through the doors. Best to your entire forever family – CCL.

  4. Awww, you guys made my momma get all teary eyes by saying such nice things! Thank you!!!
    I think Momma & Poppa love Tabby’s Place as much as me and Joe. If it wasn’t for Uncle Jon & Auntie Sharon they wouldn’t have us and a whole bunch of very special friends (human beans & kitties)! Kitty kisses to everyone! (don’t tell anyone but after I give kitty kisses – I bite my momma!)

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