We need a hero

We need a hero

gabby-3Martha Stewart used to have a habit of saying, “it’s a good thing.”
She seems to have stopped that around the time she went to prison, but I think even Her Perfectness would agree: the following is a good thing. It’s better than cupcakes. It’s better than mandolin music. It’s even better than that scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary where Hugh Grant and Colin Firth beat each other up to the tune of “It’s Raining Men.”
It’s that good.
Captain Tashmerica
Captain Tashmerica
But before I sound any more foolish, let me hand this post off to the High Queen of Good Things herself. No, not Martha Stewart…Tashi and Gabriella‘s adopter:
“I hope all of you have been well!
“Tashi is doing really well! Gabby is too!
“Since it was Halloween, and these two little ones seem to just love being dressed and wrapped up and just about anything at all where attention is involved, we thought they might just like to join the kids and dress up for Halloween!
The GabBug
The GabBug
“Tashi was the super hero Captain America, and Gabby was a ladybug. They both were as happy as could be.
“They started purring as soon as the costumes went on!!
“This certainly was a super special Halloween for all of us!
“Just when we think things cannot possibly get any better, they do!”
And I cannot possibly imagine better timing for this.
Tabby’s Place’s home state of New Jersey needs a hero right now – the kind with tabby stripes, who wears a cape without pants, and has a tabby-and-white ladybug for his sidekick. (We all know she’s the brains of the operation.)tashi-2
With apologies to FEMA, PSE&G, JCP&L, Governor Christie and President Obama: we’ll cast our lot with Captain Tashi and GabBug the next time a hurricane hits. (Which will be never. Never. How does never work for you?)

3 thoughts on “We need a hero

  1. OK…this is just too cute!!! It makes up for missing Halloween this year. Hope you have power again Angela. I am still powerless myself so I could use one of these heroes!

  2. Uncle Tashi, my BFF!!! and Gabby, my friend!!! 🙂

    You both look wonderful and soooo happy! It’s great to see these pictures, I miss you both and I’m really happy you have such a great furrever home with such special human beans. “Captain Tashmerica” is a perfect nickname for you – you were always one of my heroes (along with Uncle Ike) and now everyone knows what I knew first! Gabby, you’re as pretty as always and I can’t think of a better Halloween costume for such a sweet girl. Keep having tons of fun in your furrever home and be sure to send Auntie Angela more pictures so I can see you both again!

  3. Awww…..seeing those two sweeties in their Halloween finery just makes me smile. I’m so happy that both Gabby & Tashi ended up in such a wonderful home. God bless Tabby’s Place for this match made in heaven. God bless their adoptive family.

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