Guest post: Atonement

Guest post: Atonement

For certain members of our community, now is the time of year when clean slates are sought and when forgiveness is begged, received, and given.

It’s a time for one big, fat “mea culpa” and a giant “hey, no probs” in return.

There are songs sung about being unworthy (a word that ALWAYS makes me giggle inside thanks to Wayne and Garth; party on). But, there are also reminders that we’re only human, and we’re running this rat race together.

Walter requests that Claire atone for occupying his seat.

There are challenges this year with the part where family, friends, and community all come together. Packed houses and places of worship are just not the thing right now. So, as with everything these days, we’re doing it a little differently. But the heart and soul of the time are virtually unchanged, or they’re virtual, but unchanged. (Thank you, Zoom guy!)

We Tabby’s Placers all know what “virtual yet unchanged” means. We only see each other in a virtual space. We only visit those precious kitties virtually. We only meet newbies and potential adopters virtually.

Jessie and Toby heard that Yom Kippur is sometimes associated with matchmaking…but they took care of that task long ago and far away (Kuwait, to be exact)

Yet, the power of the community is as real as ever. We give, we love, we receive in our turn. We are agog and gladdened and saddened and united even through this yucky, messy, murky weirdness that forces us to isolate, to separate, while making our hearts palpitate.

The cats will wait for us, but they won’t hold their breath.

It’s business as usual for them: play, sleep, eat, amuse a volunteer, give a staffer a rough time, and be endlessly lovable, no matter what. No apology offered.

No forgiveness required.

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