Guest post: A bit of the sublime

Guest post: A bit of the sublime

Blissfully back inside Tabby’s Place, I am now one of the hands-on volunteers who get to sweep, mop, stock, and do all manner of cleaning and tasks that need lots of doing, all day, every day. (The cats wish I were a feeder, but they have that wish of all of the people they see and are bereaved to be gratified by only a select few.)

The GINORMOUS side benefit of being granted glorious entrance through the GRAND BLUE DOOR is CATS!! All of the Tabby’s Place cats are desperate for attention and socialization. Some crave and seek it, and, while others avoid it, their need often is greatest.

There is a group of younglings in the Special Needs Suite who are all especially needy. From far flung lands, these fabulous felines are chatty and, well, catty in all the ways.

J’Happy and Mr. Thief may be best buddies, but add Lemon and Elliot (anyone else hearing E.T. in their head?) to the mix, and you’ve got a little…hesitating to say…trouble. Individually and as a group, these kitties need attention. Actually, “demand” is a more accurate word.

And, what about Lizzie, you ask?

If you find the divine Mz. Lizzie, she will likely be under a blanket burrow. This neediest baby of the bunch is the one who wants you mostest to BE GONE! Vile humans may not look upon Lizzie without a warning growl, hiss, swat — any of these, or all three.

Lizzie may not prefer it, but she really does need to be socialized. So, whenever possible, with necessary caution and respect for Lizzie’s preferences, attention will be given and accepted or rebuffed. Eventually, hopefully, she’ll at least get used to the company. Either way, it’s okay. It’s all okay.

Nope, it’s more than okay. It’s sublime.

Every part of being back is sublime. Operating within still important limits and careful protocols is sublime. But, looking forward, it will get even better. When reopening is complete and updated standard protocols are established, well, that will be beyond sublime.

That will be superlative.

Pictured top to bottom: Lemon, J’Happy, Elliot, Lizzie

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