Good fats

Good fats



Today is a Tuesday for exquisite fatness. Today is a time for pancakes, and pączki, and that weird neon cake with a wee plastic child inside.* Today is the feast before the fast, the outrageousness before the ashes, the holler of life before we remember we are dust.

But mostly, the exquisite fatness.

As has become tubby tradition on this blog, we hereby devote Fat Tuesday to the Tabby’s Place cats who teach us how to live large, loud and luscious. Without further frippery, I present you the Fat Tuesday Phenomena of 2020:

Enormous is a state of mind. Dumpling does not mind being enormous. “Pass the paczki, woman.”
More globularity = more room to sparkle. Shine bright like a gelatinous diamond, Sparkly.
She may be a few flapjacks shy of really deserving to be in this gallery, but it would not be Fat Tuesday without a Pancake
Cheela is not fat, but Cheela dreeeeeeeams of fat
Louie is living the dream
Hereby posted in memory of Wolfie, the one cat who perfectly embodied both Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, forever loved by his forever family…and every last one of us.

As you get gras this Mardi, raise your flapjacks to the cats of uncommon enormity. Every lump of their lard praises the Lord.

*Because breaking one’s teeth on a plastic infant has been a sign of good luck since the days of Jesus. Trust me, I went to seminary.

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  1. Aaww Wolfie! Beloved wonder legendary cat who came before. Thank you for reminding us every so often that many glorious cat personalities have helped create the persona of Tabby’s Place. The people of Tabby’s Place are the keepers of the flame (and the keepers of the pack of Temptations) may the flame burn ever bright!

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