Epilogues: April 2021

Epilogues: April 2021

Come ye, kittens, to our monthly wrap-up, and I shall show ye great and terrible things from the furthest realms.

Which is to say, cats, in galumphing abundance, from the strangest town in central New Jersey.

Ramekins. Your argument is invalid.

Just when we thought Ringoes couldn’t get any more peculiar, along came April 2021, bearing aircraft carriers full of kittens, stuck ships the size of cities, and more buns than you could fit in a fifty-foot oven.

But peculiar is perfect around these parts, where even the squarest humans seem straight off a starship, and even the most straightforward cats are whiskered meteors eager to blaze across your sky.

Also, this happened. We received a donation of (reeeeeeal good) catnip that was approximately five Stanleys tall.

Ready for a recap of April’s astonishments? Buckle up:

Arrived: Sturgeon, Gar (pictured in top banner), Tilapia, Trout, Tuna, Dorado, Mahi-Mahi, Arowana, Salmon, Tetra, Pike, Koi, Carp, Dace, Goby, Guppy, Betta, Ramekin, Santiago, Brioche, Ciabatta, Pumpernickel, Focaccia (did you think I was kidding about that bready bunch?)

Adopted: Panini, Otter, Tuna, Trout

Cleared from Quarantine: Carbon, Iris, Nemo, Noire, Zelda, Sturgeon, Gar, Tilapia, Dorado


Promoted to the Lobby: Boobalah

Promoted to the Lounge: Bosco (pictured at Maximum Boscosity in top thumbnail)

Promoted to the Community Room: Verde

Promoted to Heaven: Shiny, Walter, Mitzi (pictured at right)

Stuff We Learned: Given the just-mentioned troika of tragedies, T.S. Eliot may, in fact, have been correct that “April is the cruelest month.” But our friends across the veil won’t let us dismiss this world as a waste land. They’re hollering at us to keep loving, keep living, keep making them proud. We intend to do just that.

So keep up the peculiar work, kittens. This righteous realm is counting on you for the lusty month of May and far, far beyond.

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  1. Oh, sweet Mitzi looking so gentle, and Shiny, another gentle lady – and Walter – special guy, all gone too soon. But what is this Boobalah of which you speak? In the lobby? And Pumpernickel? I need to do more research. I don’t yet know these cats – but I am ready to love them.

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