Epilogues: April 2017

Epilogues: April 2017

April, sweet April, T.S. Eliot had you all wrong.

You’re not the cruellest month.

You’re not trying to show us fear in a handful of dust.

Tex’s question: In what kind of second-hand stores did Prince find all those raspberry berets? ‘Cause Tex has never seen one…but he’d wear it well.

You just have more questions than answers. But you also have more tulips than Tiny Tim, so we’ll resist the urge to flick your questions aside with our tails.

We’ll just answer you with fields of feline flowers:

Arrived: Candace, Bebe, Merriweather, Callie, Walter, Scotty

Adopted: Wilbur, Margo, Eno, Claudia, Fredrick, David & Jonesy (together), Owen, Chloe, Tiger, Winston, Tex

Returned: Nike & Reebok (together), Archer

Cleared from Quarantine: Alexis, Rebel, Tarzan, Sugar

Banished to Ringworm: NOOOOOO ONE.

Rebel’s question: If microfleece is a holy and good thing, why has no one yet created macrofleece?

Friendlified Beyond All Imagining: The T-Cats. How do you go from Saddam Hussein to Shirley Temple, from Hannibal Lecter to Hello Kitty? Only Tesseract, Tex, Torus, Tagalog and Tensor know.

Promoted to the Lounge: Sugar, Puzzle

Promoted/Demoted/Moved About Like Sofas On Sliders Elsewhere: Everyone. Every. One. Seriously: ev-e-ry-one from Darcy to Danielle, Coal to Karina, Angelo to Angela. Ergo, I’ll skip the usual Promoted portion of this Epilogue, as it would be easier to say who hasn’t moved. Stay tuned for dancing details on all those moves.

Promoted to Heaven: Raja, Sweet Pea

So come on out of the waste land, kittens. The long winter is over; the season for singing has come.

The question that wakes Simba screaming in the night: In the old Garfield and Friends cartoons, why was Garfield never, ever, ever in the presence of his “friends?”

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  1. Thank you for this update when we know you have been so busy! Wonderful to hear about adoptions of a dozen lucky kitties – from Tabby’s Place to wonderful forever homes. But Sweet Pea. Beautiful black housepanther ladycat. We had hoped there would be more time. Rest in peace, sweetheart.

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