Adopter post: Rocket man

Adopter post: Rocket man

Editor’s note: We are collectively, universally, reliably over-the-moon for adopter updates.

Whether a cat left our doors three days or thirteen years ago, it’s a thrill hearing from his forever family. But some thrills are especially meteoric, as Rocket, nee Inigo, is about to show you. Enjoy, my dears, and shine on. Thanks to the Famiglia d’Inigo for this wonderful piece. XO, A.H.

“When Rocket was first introduced on this blog, his name was Inigo Montoya, and you were instructed to “prepare to sigh.” I am now readying you to “prepare to cry (happy tears).”

“He has been called a number of names: little orinch puff, Pudge, Inigo Montoya, the cat who permanently looks surprised, and now Rocket (as his eyelids look like a rocket ship blast). He stills shows signs of a rough past; he is still really skittish when you move too fast or try to hug him.

“Rocket spent most of his life outside, but how that was possible baffles me. I guess trauma really does change someone’s outlook. Maybe he was a tough outdoor cat once? Maybe, after getting a taste of life indoors, he was assimilated (*no Borg involvement).

“If Rocket is to be labeled anything now, “goofball,” “spoiled” or “chunky monkey” would be good terms.  He lives peaceably with fuzzy brothers and sisters, even going so far as making a friend or two…at least until mealtime, when it’s every cat for himself.

“Rocket is not shy when asking to be pet or be loved. He enjoys this time with delightful chatter. And, if he decides you are not done, or if you try to rub his belly too much, he grabs your arm and gums you while bringing your hand back to his head.

Rocket is a true testament that a “hopeless” situation doesn’t define who you are. A helping hand doesn’t mean that you are a failure in any way. Most of all, he defines the philosophy that anything is worth it with love and support.”

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  1. Oh how adorable! That cat is grateful for love and attention. And he has a charming, unique look! Rock on, Rocket man! Forever happiness to you and your wonderful family.

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