What is a Special Needs Cat?

A Special Needs cat has a disease or disability that requires continuing care and attention.  For example, a cat with diabetes typically requires a special diet and may require daily insulin injections and regular blood testing.  Other examples of Special Needs cats are those with cancer, heart disease or a handicap.

Why do they need sponsoring?

Special Needs cats are harder to adopt out because of the extra medical care and attention they require.  Most of them will stay with us forever, receiving the medical care, love, and respect they deserve.  Medical costs are high for our Special Needs cats.  Sponsorship enables us to continue providing these felines with the best medical care possible.

What are the benefits of sponsorship?

  • Sponsorship is a wonderful way to add a new feline to your family without actually taking it into your home!
  • Sponsors receive monthly email updates and photos of their cat along with the satisfaction of helping a precious feline in need.   
  • Sponsors also receive a tax deduction.