Wouldn’t it be Lovey?

Wouldn’t it be Lovey?

It’s Hungry Ghost Month in the Chinese lunar calendar.

It’s Hungry Ghost Millennium in the Tabby’s Place Lounge.

“Insert scrapple here.”

It may seem wrong to liken Lovey to a ghost. By no stretch of the imagination is she thin, vaporous or ethereal.

But white as Casper and hungry as a hundred hippos, Lovey’s got the ghost game down.

Our great white whale was unusual from the start, in that she went from love to love. When her cherished human left this earth, Lovey’s extended family arranged for her to start a new life at Tabby’s Place through the Exceptional Circumstances Program. If that ain’t love, Faye ain’t fabulous, Pixie ain’t perfect, and Lovey ain’t hungry.

So hungry.

The haunting, hungering thing about well-loved cats is that they often have the hardest transition to Tabby’s Place. You’d think that, having been all loved up, their tanks would be full for a free and easy ride, relishing new love in a new place. They’ve had world-class training in being adored; what’s so hard about adoration in a new location?

To give you a sense of scale, that’s the Empire State Building on the right.

As it turns out, everything.

So Lovey lived life ghostlike in her first days, a great gelatinous mass of fear. Lovey was so scared and sad and all-shook-up during her Quarantine period that some next level love was required. Stellar staff member Lisa agreed to take Lovey home, fostering our gigantic ghost cat until Lovey was less petrified.

Lovey quickly learned to love Lisa’s young sons, shamelessly greedy and giddy for their loving. In the presence of unvarnished affection, the glassy-eyed ghost grew flesh, and a spine, and a heart with a new, brave hunger.

Necks are overrated. Like kale.

In the fullness of time, our full-figured Lovey moved into the Lounge. Although she started subterranean, a bear rug of a beauty under the couch, it was only a matter of days before she oozed, inchwise, out into the open.

There was food out there.
And love.
And more love.

We may not have cracked the code on how to get Lovey’s weight down (reduced-calorie diet = increased poundage = huh?). But our little continent-sized ghost has become a real, live lover, living large, noshing New Love.

We’ll work on that poundage later.


2 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be Lovey?

  1. Dear Lovey! What a lovely story to introduce you to Tabby’s Place fans. Guess it’s hard to love and trust again when your one special person is gone forever and you don’t understand why your life had to change – so happy you were able to come to Tabby’s Place. That is the best outcome your one special person could have wished for if they were unable to care for you. Hope we hear more about you as you settle in. Love and kisses to you, Lovey!

  2. Lovey, our “baby Beluga” we accept you in all your plus-size glory! So glad to see you have settled into with the other lounge kitties. Hopefully a new special person will be bowled over by you and take you home, til then we know you’re getting good care at Tabbys

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