Jingles all the way

Jingles all the way

I never quite understood the phenomenon of Christmas in July.

If you’re really into Christmas, why not keep it rolling all year long?

If you hear furious fa-la-la-la-la-ing from Tabby’s Place, we’ve got good reason. As of September 2017, the happiest home in Virginia will be jingle jangling twelve months a year.

Make that Jingles jangling, of course. Yes, that Jingles; shy, bashful, late-have-I-loved-laps lover-tabby, age 14. Highly adorable, no doubt. Highly huggable, hugely so. But highly adoptable?

Ring ‘dem bells.

Before I further embarrass myself and Father Christmas himself, let me hand things over to JingleMama herself, Tia:

“I wanted to let you know that Jingles made it home and is enjoying his new digs. Right now he has my coveted Office space as his own. I gave him an hour alone there, and when I finally entered, he was hiding under the desk. As soon as he saw me, though, he crawled out and went straight to my lap. 🙂 He also completely ignored the taunting paws other kitties stuck under the door to say Hello. Typical cat!

“We spent about three hours together before bedtime last night. It was so hard to say goodbye and not let him come to the bedroom. He’s such a cuddler, and I know he will love bedtime when he is finally integrated into the household.

“In the meantime, we are snuggling, cuddling, and purring in the Office! I am so smitten by this old man!

“I want to thank you all so much. You made me feel so wonderful during my visit. Tabby’s Place is a special and magical place where every kitty is a star. I can’t thank you enough for what you do. I’m so grateful you allowed me to bring my new man home. I can tell we are going to have a fairytale love story for years to come. <3 “

And two days later…

Jingles at the Taj

“Just an update… Jingles has spent the last two nights in my bedroom, and he looooves sleeping on my arm. The other kitties used this time to get used to his scent in the Office, which they were finally able to investigate.

“Yesterday, Jingles spent the day in what my friend Jackie calls ‘The Kitty Taj Mahal.’ This is where all new kitties have made the next step integrating into my kitty clan. Jingles was a perfect gentleman…and most of my other kitties were nice.

“Today, the naughty kitty, Patroni, is in the tent, so Jingles can roam the house. He is very proud to proclaim that he has not gotten into one fight or even one argument. However, he will still spend the night separated from the rest of the family, because we all know kitties get wild at night!

“I can’t stop being so happy with Jingles. I’ve never had a lap cat before, and that’s the only place he wants to be. He just is so sweet and cute. I am very glad he let me be his mama!”

Before we close this eternal-Christmas story, one more delicious detail: Tia traveled all the way from Virginia for Jingles. Technically, the trip was for the purpose of visiting Tabby’s Place, of which Tia had been a supporter since time immemorial. But when Tia met Jingles…

…ring ‘dem bells indeed. Thank you, Tia, more than all our jingling joy can say!


3 thoughts on “Jingles all the way

  1. Tia, you are one lucky Mom! You (and Jingles) have hit the kitty jackpot. We will miss this lover boy, but are so happy you two have found each other. Wishes for many happy years together. Give him a hug from me!!

  2. What more could any Tabby’s Place fan hope for, than a wonderful adoption story to start off the day. Tia, you have me smiling and teary eyed with joy. Jingles looks so happy! Love and kisses to Jingles and family forever and ever. And I really love your description of your Tabby’s Place visit, where every cat is a star!

  3. Such a wonderful update, although we will miss seeing sweet Jingles at Tabbys, it’s so heartwarming to read about how easily he has settled into his new VA home. Thank you Tia for opening your home and giving Jingles a great new life! Enjoy this special boy!

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