Epilogues: December 2017

Epilogues: December 2017

Oh, frisky feisty January.

You are longer than your 31 days, starting with fireworks and ending with “finally!”

You are the time for cold crunch under our feet and Christmas leftovers gone crusty. You are the month of few holidays and generally muted merriment.

But those who live among cats have all the frisk and feist we need.

C’mon get cozy, a la wise Peggy.

The days are getting longer, quietly but surely. Sheets and towels are on sale. Martin Luther King, Jr. is still speaking to those who have ears to hear. Stale holiday chocolate is still chocolate, and it’ll tide us over ’til Valentine’s Day.

And the cats…the cats are taking care of us even in January. But first, let’s jump back into December, jolly ones:

Arrived: MudPie, Summer, Peggy, Damien, Amaya, Gideon, Carley Rose, Donna, Phoebe, Maddie, Google, Bing, Domenico, Tamara, Link, Abrams, Griffin

Adopted: Benny; Constantine; Troy; Andrew; Argon; Scuba & Snorkel (together); Vito; Cadet; Dustin; Didgeridoo; Bjorn; El & Shane (together); Kazoo; Cello & Azure (together); Lovey; Byzantine; Summer; MudPie

Returned: Tagalog; Janey

Cleared from Quarantine: Oboe; Bassoon; Masha; Stark; Maria; Nancy; Lucas; Valkyrie; Magic; Mackenzie; Peggy; Damien; Amaya; Gideon; Carley Rose; Donna

And also fabulous, a la Stark.

Promoted to the Lobby: Sugar; Valkyrie; Mackenzie

Promoted to the Diabetic Girls Just Want To Have Fun Lounge: Zencada; Reese; Jackie; Donna

Promoted to the Community Room: Scotty; Maria

Promoted to Heaven: Zach; Chloe; Sam

Stuff We Learned: Some students will do better in all their courses if they get a solo dorm room. Scholar in point: Max, thriving like a marvel in Suite Max. Thank you for your prayers, people of light!

*Are these epilogues outrageously late? Yes they are. Me be sorry and stuff. But hey, the usual Epilogue day gave you this, so me no be that sorry.

His merry-meter mended, Max thanks you muchly. And requests grilled octopus in a fine bourbon reduction.

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  1. December, 2017 – like all of 2017 – marked by wonderful kitties. Welcoming new cats, saying good-luck to adopted cats, and saying good bye to wonderful cats that we have had the chance to know and love thanks to Tabby’s Place. Jonathan and Angela, thank you. Tabby’s Place is special. Angela’s words and Jonathan’s dream have made something rare. A place where Cherny and Grady and Webster and Sam and many others lived in dignity and sanctuary. Can’t wait to hear what Angela has to say in 2018!

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