Gratuitous cat photos: Eyes to see the festival

Gratuitous cat photos: Eyes to see the festival

Happy Chanukah, kittens.

It’s the festival of lights…and a few good felines are feeling phenomenally festive.


I’m of the opinion that miracles abound abundantly 365 days a year. Dim little dunderheaded creatures that we can be, equipped only with earth-eyes for now, we miss most of them. (I’m also of the opinion that cats catch them all. You know when a cat’s staring at a blank wall with eyes screaming “IT’S ALL FULL OF STARS!”? You’re witnessing the witnessing of a miracle.)

But this time of year, even we can see things that go unnoticed in the other eleven months.

There’s love where there should be competition.
There’s gentleness where there should be battle.
There’s enough — enough oil, enough light, enough goodness — where the supply should have long run dry.

Let today’s festive felines refill your jars, dear ones. And keep those eyes open. It is, in fact, all full of stars out there.

(And also buttercream.)

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