Tis the season for Gratuitous Cat Photos

Tis the season for Gratuitous Cat Photos

True fact: I am not only a daft, dunderheaded blogger, but also the Development Director (fancy word for Money Raisin’ Person) at Tabby’s Place.

Also true: Jonathan pays me primarily for the latter.

So as we enter prime Money Raisin’ Season, I find myself pulled away from Felis Catus. Fear not, kittens; that means you get my annual consolation prize, the gift that’s better than anything I could write.

You get Gratuitous Cat Photos.

Our volunteer photographers, Ruth, Mark, Heather, Robert and John, somehow keep getting better (surely they are breaking some legal limits of awesomeness by now, but I won’t report them). So you’re in for a treat. Or, rather, a month of marvelous treats.

Let’s start with one scrumptious Stafford. He’s FIV+ and diabetic, he’s shaggier than Shaggy* and Shaggy combined, and he’s spectacular.

Holiday on!

*Impossible not to celebrate: Wikipedia dutifully, un-ironically details Shaggy’s character “development.” Sometimes the world in which we live is just too awesome.

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  1. Yes, bring on the gratuitous cat photos! Stafford looks like a classic handsome medium haired tabby. There is something to be said for all colors and furs of all cats, but the classic tabby is always in style!

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