Epilogues: November 2018

Epilogues: November 2018

There’s just one to go, my little goobers.

Month, that is. But it may as well be a moment.

Fuzz contemplates Christmas dinner conversation with Cleo.

These are the days when hustlebustle body-slams quiet anticipation. It’s Advent. It’s pandemonium. It’s grace and peace and galumphing hordes of stress. Frenzy and peace push each other down the escalator into the New Year, and we hapless merrymakers would be wise to don crash helmets under our Santa hats.

It’s madness. It’s magical. It’s emotional and intense and awesome and awful.

And for all the joys and concerns of “the holiday season,” we have cats. How grateful I am that we have cats.

And aforementioned cats have updates:

Arrived: Maurice; Firestone; Pirelli; Michelin; Yokohama; Zora; Rowena; Gentoo; Ubuntu; Constance; Chad; Knickers; Tiger; Rambo

Adopted: Kowalski; Leo; Skipper & Mort (together); Artemis & Aech (together); Tomato; Maritza; Colleen; Huron; Edith & Judy (together); Chip; Surprise; Seneca; Cayuga; Stacey; Arturo; Burt & Polly (together)

Returned: Marjory; Hydrox

Cleared from Quarantine: Oscar; Delilah; Onondaga; Prince; Maurice

Cleo contemplates correcting Fuzzy politics over roast beast.

Cleared from Ringworm: Gatti; Wolfie

Promoted to the Community Room: Sophia

Promoted to Heaven: Sabine; Andora

Stuff We Learned: Cats are cool with #GivingTuesday, but they’d far rather you give #AllTheDays at #AllTheTimes. So if you’ve got a little jingle in your pocket, please give ’em some donationy love. Thank you for being a treasure!

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  1. Yes, so glad we have cats! Wonderful cats at Tabby’s Place. Anyone who is lucky enough to adopt a cat from Tabby’s Place has adopted a real Tomato treasure Surprise. Wonderful merry holidays to everyone, all the lucky people at Tabby’s Place that get to be with the cats every day. God rest ye, merry.

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