Thoughts from Larry: In Memorial, Molly

Thoughts from Larry: In Memorial, Molly

MollyThe following is by faithful Tabby’s Place volunteer Larry. When Larry asked me if he could be the one to pay tribute to our Siamese wonder, of course we said yes. Molly, forever Larry’s sweetheart, wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. She had sponsors adoring her from as far away as South Africa, and she will always be a part of us. Larry, thank you for loving her so well. She couldn’t have asked for a more devoted friend than you.

Our Molly passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday, October 04, 2009. I was able to spend time with her prior to her passing. It was difficult being with her because I knew our time together would be short. Watching her, I realized she was having trouble walking. She was not able to jump, or move around the room like the Molly I knew. Her meows were almost more than I could bear.

“Quality of Life” is a phrase that we often associate with loss and sorrow. On Saturday, I found a new meaning. After allowing me to pet her, she curled up in my lap and went to sleep. That is how I want to remember Molly, happily receiving love and attention.

Molly lived in the Community Room. She shared her time with staff and volunteers. MollyShe spent her day on desks, or any available lap. During the morning meetings, she would walk around the conference table making her presence known. We all loved Molly and she ruled our hearts. She will always be our girl.

Note: Molly was not alone when she left us. She was surrounded by love.

These words are mine. The real Memorial though is in the hearts of the people that knew and loved her.

9 thoughts on “Thoughts from Larry: In Memorial, Molly

  1. Molly:

    Please lick the heads of Grady and the rest of the gang, including my late, great housemate, Cheddar.


    Thank you for being such a good friend to Molly and all the other cats there. It means a lot them and the rest of us out here.

    Fred and Smudgie (a former stray)

  2. I’m heartbroken. Though it was from afar, I loved Molly. Thank you for giving her love and caring right up until the end. God Bless sweet, sweet Molly. And of course, God Bless Tabby’s Place.

  3. Molly spent a good portion of Saturday in Larry’s arms — knowing she was loved and cherished. Sleep in peace, sweet girl — and know that Larry and all of us will be with you again someday.

  4. RIP Molly, and Larry thank you for the love and affection that you gave her, I’m sure that it helped to raise her spirit during her time at Tabby’s Place.

  5. I was there that Saturday, and watched as Larry held Molly. He held her with love and tenderness, and already seemed to know what the rest of us were not ready to accept that afternoon…that Molly would not be with us much longer….All of the cats are blessed to have such a friend as Larry. I know Molly looks down from her fluffy bed in the clouds, and meows a special thank you to this wonderful man, who gives so much of himself to Tabby’s Place….Kim

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