A home for the International* Cat of Mystery

A home for the International* Cat of Mystery

Dean the Magnificent*With “international” defined here as “spanning multiple counties of New Jersey.” Close enough.

OK, blog folk, speak up: has any one of you ever – ever – seen a cat that looks remotely like this?

I present to you, from all the way in North Jersey, the one, the only, “Rorschach,” “rabbit,” “reverse tuxedo” cat ever known to Tabby’s Place…Dean!Dean hangin' in the Suite C solarium

Now, seriously, you’d think that, having rescued nearly 800 cats, we’d have seen just about every possible pattern the domestic cat can flaunt. And, just as you’d think that (as I did), you’d meet Dean. And you’d be wrong – gleefully wrong.

Just check out this guy’s style. Black where you expect white, white where you expect black, and a suave splash of black in just the right place to disguise the fact that he’s missing his left eye. Where on earth did our boy get his jaw-dropping looks? I’m afraid we may never know; there’s not even a wild counterpart or a “fancy” cat that looks like Dean.

Mysterious lineage or not, Dean attracts amore in abundance. As the great philosophers ZZ Top observed, every girl is, in fact, crazy about a sharp-dressed man, so it’s no surprise that Dean was an instant hit with females of two species (including this smitten blogger). That’s an especially sweet thing, given that Dean is wild about…well, just about everybody.

Dean, clearly not as impressed with his handsomeness as we are.Thank goodness. Can you imagine a cat who looked like this who wouldn’t let you pet him? I think the stress of that might cause a person to spontaneously combust.

Fortunately, Dean will not only let you pet him, he’ll sit in your arms like a baby, purring madly and head-butting even more madly. He’s every bit as rubby with his feline comrades, from frantic Puzzle to ultimate good-guy Mango. On that count, double thank goodness. Because Dean’s just moved into a world where loving other cats is a major must.

Yes, the cat variously nicknamed for an ink blot and a bunny has found his forever home. And, to make it even sweeter, this home is rich with feline friends. Our own amazing feline behaviorist, NM, was so smitten with Dean that she’s decided to add him to her feline family, where he joins a kindle of fellow Tabby’s Place alumni.

Already famed for their collective love of other cats, Team NM should only know the wild-looking, wonderful-hearted buddy waiting on the other side of a quarantine-room door. In a few days, NM plans to let Dean out to meet the rest of the family.Deanie weanie

At that point, I expect exactly one thing: a love fest.

So, we may never know quite where Dean got his startling “paint job,” but one thing is clear: once you meet him, his dazzling looks are the least of Dean’s charms. And, now, he’s got a charmed life of love ahead.

Nothing too mysterious about that. 🙂

8 thoughts on “A home for the International* Cat of Mystery

  1. I saw Dean for the first time on Tuesday and I wondered about his odd colorings. If you look at just Dean’s face he looks like a bunny rabbit. Do you think his father was a rabbit and his mother a cat? Stranger things have happened!

  2. I, too, am jealous! I got to hug this boy on a few occasions and he is TOTAL LOVE BUG!! Even more beautiful in person! FRED — we need an extra-special dance for this one, my friend!

    1. As a starting point, we should take white dancing shoes and then splatter some black on them. From there, any dance we do will be a Dean dance! (Props to Angela, btw, for working a ZZ Top reference in.)

  3. Dean is one of the friendliest cats I have ever met! I was so intrigued by his markings! The “artist” who “painted” his face was blessed with talent; if you did not know that Dean was missing an eye prior to meeting him, you might not even realize it, even while petting him! He has a wonderful new home; I will miss him so, but look forward to hearing updates as to how he is doing…..I had told my mother about him, and said ” I give him 2 weeks tops at Tabby’s Place…someone will scoop him right up, and take hime home!” That, they did!

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