Southern cats update, part two: The diva goes home

Southern cats update, part two: The diva goes home

ElviraNo one would call our Persian beauty a “mistress of the dark,” but there’s no denying that Elvira has cattitude in spades.

So it’s a bright delight to see this drama queen headed to a home where she’s cherished just the way she is.

Elvira and her lookalike physicist friendElvira is one of those felines who always gets the early attention from visitors. Oohs and aahs are what our diva is accustomed to, her wild, Einstein-like hair and self-assured strut always commanding admiration. Alas, most folks weren’t looking for our southern sweetie’s fiery nature, so it was only two swats before she blew many chances at adoption.

But don’t waste your breath telling Elvira she missed any chances. If there’s one thing Elvira is not, that’s “insecure.” With each almost-adoption, she’d just sashay with a bit more panache, never muting her bold and brassy ways. Elvira always seemed confident that all she had to do was be her bad self, and the road to home would roll out before her.

And Elvira, it turns out, was exactly right.

Yesterday was a happy day for all who have come to love this diva, as we bid her farewell en route to her forever home. As you can see from this photo of Elvira with her new mom, their adoration is quite mutual.Elvira with her new mom, headed (forever) home

Fortunately, even with Elvira gone to her forever home, Tabby’s Place is by no means lacking in big personalities. And, perhaps our glamour girl taught her roomies a thing or two about the secret to finding a forever home. It all brings to mind something my fourth-grade teacher, an otherwise very proper and buttoned-up lady, wrote in my elementary-school yearbook:

Don’t be what you isn’t;
just be what you is.
‘Cause when you is what you isn’t,
you isn’t what you is.

Elvira, brava on being forever true to what you “is” – and finding the person who loves you for it.

3 thoughts on “Southern cats update, part two: The diva goes home

  1. YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so thrilled that Elvira got her forever home! I definitely had my eye on her. She’s such a beauty and I do like a kitty who’s sassy. I hope she and her new mom will be happy with each other for many years to come. Thank you so much for keeping us up-to-date on all the lovely kitties in your charge.

  2. Just look at the face of Elvira’s adopter — is that pure bliss?!!!! (Of course, Elvira looks like she’s saying…”well, who wouldn’t be thrilled to adopt ME?!”)

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