Southern cats update, part one: Natalie

Southern cats update, part one: Natalie

Natalie!Just as quickly as they blazed up north and into our world, the eight West Virginia belles and the sweet Kentucky octet have roared on out of Tabby’s Place and into forever homes.

Well, all of the sweet sixteen, that is, except for two. Today’s post belongs to the straggler who’s stolen my heart even as she still searches for her forever home…the irrepressible Natalie.

Quoth Natalie, "PICK ME UP!!!"Natalie just might be the secret ingredient we need to make America energy-independent. If we could harness this six-pound, wide- (and wild-)eyed dynamo’s glee and bounciness, we’d never need to think about oil again.

Ah, but it’s hard to stop thinking about wild Natalie once she’s bungee-jumped into your life. And, rest assured, if you should stroll into Suite B, she will insert herself into your life. More than likely, she’ll launch herself onto your back or shoulders, and stay there as long as she likes.

Tiny as she is, you don’t mess with nutty Natalie – at least, not if you don’t want a new scar. Whether you’re a human or a feline, getting on Nat’s nerves is dangerous to your health. And that, I’m afraid, is the reason she’s stayed on as her fellow southerners have been whisked off by adopters.

Natalie the BeautifulBut that’s just a fraction of what makes Natalie Natalie – if all you see is her tendency to bite, you’ve missed the pearl for the slimy oyster. What’s the occasional (OK, frequent) flash of claws and teeth if it means you get to hang with a personality-plus peanut like Natalie?

As feisty and hot-tempered as Nat can be, she also just happens to be one of the most affectionate cats you’ll ever love. I can’t spend more than about 20 seconds in Suite B without being overcome by the urge to snuggle her (an urge abetted by Natalie’s habit of rubbing into your legs so hard she nearly knocks you over). Pick Nat up, and she’ll head-butt you, over and over and over again, purring at a volume usually reserved for cats four times her size.

Our little love likes to be carried, too, and will let you tote her all over the suite (and back from the hallway, into which she invariably darts when the door is opened), purring and head-butting all the way.Natalie

But when Nat wants to go down? You put her down. Whatever Natalie wants, Natalie gets – it’s best that way, for everyone’s sake.

And I so want Nat to get what she wants – and deserves – most…a human bean who will hold her and head-butt her back forever (oh, yes, and also put her down as soon as she’s ready to go down, not a moment later!). I may have a few scratches from Natalie’s paws, but I do believe her heart is solid gold even if her impulses and temper can be a bit quick. That’s just Nat being Nat. And, good golly, do I love this little Nat. In fact, I think I’m due for a head-butt or twenty now. Pardon me, I’m off to Suite B.

Sneak preview: tomorrow we check in on the last, most dramatic, diva-esque of the Eight Belles. Get your dancing shoes ready…

6 thoughts on “Southern cats update, part one: Natalie

  1. Omigosh! Natalie is just gorgeous! And she sounds like a total love. My sweet Chloe has a similar personality, but I just consider it all part of her charm. Love to Natalie and I hope a forever home soon comes her way.

  2. Understanding cats is like understanding people, you need to find and establish their bountries then don’t cross them. I’m sure there is someone out there for Natalie, who will show her love and affection without crossing her boundries. We have one similar to Natalie, she is loving when she wants to be but can turn terror in an instant, but we would not trade her.

  3. Angela: I understand that your job is one of highs and lows. Gotta say, though, that I envy anyone who can be at work and still go to get/give head-butts from a kitty!

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