It’s on!

It’s on!

The Linda Fund, that is.

I rarely ask for donations in this space, but you bet your bouncy-house I’m gonna do so today.

And I have help.

Cheddar’s epilepsy is now under control. Why? The Linda Fund.

As you’ve probably noticed, Tabby’s Place’s home page has been hijacked by a chunk of cheese, a festival of fromage, wild and wonderful weirdness featuring our very own cartoonified Cheddar, skateboarding towards a mighty mountain of…well, cheddar.

Accordingly, you may have asked yourself the following question: huh?

This is all in service to the Linda Fund, our biggest, most delicious fundraiser of the year. For the next month, your donation will be doubled by a beautiful group of Benefactors and the coolest of Corporate Champions.


Your dollar becomes two; your fifty becomes a hundred; your love becomes love-times-two for cats in crisis. Oh, yes — every Linda Fund gift provides emergency and specialty care for cats in crazy-huge need.

Boom suffered intractable IBD, severe colonic stricture, and a mysterious collapse. But he was treated, and today he’s back to being the top treat of Suite A. Why? The Linda Fund.

Real talk: “emergency and specialty care” is always Tabby’s Place’s biggest, wildest, wooliest expense. We make every cat the promise that she’ll always receive what she needs to thrive, regardless of cost, and sometimes that’s a very costly promise.

No matter. It’s worth every penny. The faces you see here — all cats who have been nurtured by the Linda Fund in their darkest hour — are worth our everything. But we can only give this much love, limitless and life-saving, because of the Linda Fund. We build it up every summer; we spend it down every year.

We need you.

These guys need you.

And remember; your love gets doubled.

So, yes, I’m asking today. Please give to the Linda Fund. Please join us in believing — knowing — that every life matters, that every Cheddar deserves to live and thrive and be the big cheese in life.

We’re in this together, kittens.


Sophia struggled with chronic rhinitis, a nasal stricture and an oronasal fistula. Today she’s living large and feeling fab once again. Why? The Linda Fund.
Puzzle’s lymphoma was pummeled, and today he’s chattering through the Community Room. Why? The Linda Fund.
Walter has a brain infarct due to hyperthyroidism, and he suffered an acute neurological event. But today, his biggest concern is being a cute nuzzlable event in the Tabby’s Place Lobby. Why? The Linda Fund.
Sherbet developed cancer right under his beautiful green eye. That cancer has been clobbered. Why? The Linda Fund.
As I type this caption, Rose is receiving world-class specialty care for spinal pain and a possible abdominal issue. We don’t yet know exactly what’s wrong…but we know we’ll do everything we can for our brave blossom. How? The Linda Fund. Thank you, dear ones, for making this possible.

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  1. Go Cheddar and Tabby’s Place and Angela! Collect that money and do what you do better than any other! Lovingly help those kitties and spread the TNR news and (also important) keep us faithful adoring fans enthralled with beautiful cat pictures and wonderful quirky and endearing prose about daily doings at Tabby’s Place – sanctuary for both cats and cat fans. Love to all at Tabby’s Place!

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