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Match funds left: $102,000
Days left:

What is the Linda Fund?

The Linda Fund provides our neediest cats with life-saving care. We promise each Tabby's Place kitty that we will give her everything she needs to thrive. Since our cats come from hopeless situations, they often require costly vet care.

The Linda Fund is dedicated to such emergency and specialty medical services. Your gift will care for the most desperate cats in their hour of need.

Who is Linda?

At three weeks of age, Linda suffered horrible injuries and required emergency care to save her life. She was adopted into a loving home in 2011. She exemplifies the Linda Fund: nurturing sick and injured cats so they can flourish.

What is the "2018 Linda Fund Matching Challenge"

donors and businesses have pledged to match every dollar you give to the Fund for days, up to a total of .

Who is Cheddar, the cat skating up the cheese?

Cheddar is the poster cat for the 2018 Linda Fund. He came to Tabby's Place as a fragile epileptic kitten, in need of world-class specialty care. Thanks to Linda Fund support, Cheddar was able to get the care he needed to survive and thrive. He's now a strong, joyful boy who has been adopted into a loving forever home.

How are your dollar figures calculated?

The number on Cheddar's sign is the total amount donated to date, after it has been matched.

The "Goal" is twice the matching pool. This represents the amount that will be raised if total donations are as large as the matching pool (so all matching fund are expended).

Here are the calculations for the current figures:
matching pool
goal x 2 =
donations with match x 2 =
match remaining pool - donations before match
= -
CHECK goal = donations * 2 + match remaining * 2
= + * 2
= sss