Guest post: We Three Zings

Guest post: We Three Zings

20140825_105159In the presence of the following creatures, Good King Wenceslas doffs his crown.
In the presence of the following creatures, the halls deck themselves.
In the presence of the following creatures, we all feel an extra zing of joy.

Sophie and Abraham

Tabby’s Place got an extra-special early Christmas gift this week, in the form of an update from Chopper and Abraham‘s fam. You guys remember this crew of magnificence. Theirs is the kind of story hopes are made of — sturdy hopes, the kind that last longer than tinsel, longer even than fruitcake.

It seems the road goes ever on, all zingy and life-full-to-the-brim for this family. But don’t take it from me. Abe and Chop’s mom, Dana, writes:

“This time of year, I can’t help but feel sentimental towards Tabby’s Place, because it was four years ago in October that we brought home Chopper, and two years ago this month that we brought home Abraham. As much as we ‘rescued’ them, I think my whole family would agree that they have given us so much more than we could ever give to them.

“Chopper continues to be our daughter Sophie’s best friend and her biggest champion and protector. If she becomes upset for any reason, Chopper charges over to wherever she is, and will not rest until she is happy again.

“Always confident, Chopper immediately took on the task of training new puppy Elsa when she joined our family in March. She considers him to be her brother, her mentor, and her favorite chew toy. We often walk into a room only to find Elsa with Chopper’s head in her mouth. Chopper, ever the bruiser, tolerates a surprising amount of gnawing. Other times, it’s more like a National Geographic nature documentary, with the two of them wrestling like bears. Chopper loves it.

“In these scenarios, Abraham plays the role of Ref. He supervises from a suitable perch, and if he feels things are getting out of hand, he does not hesitate to step in with a yowl and a well placed smack on the nose of whomever is offending him the most at the moment (usually the puppy). The dog recognizes Abraham’s authority and defers to him without question.

Elsa and Chopper, co-conspirators in the box of shame.
Elsa and Chopper, co-conspirators in the box of shame.

“Abraham, who came to us resembling what could only be described as a feral possum, has lost a few pounds (and all of his dandruff), and is now the world’s biggest snuggler. It is impossible to work from home without Abraham draped across your lap or computer keyboard. He communicates via a system of honks and beeps, and is the most awkward cat I have ever met. It takes him 20 minutes to get into position, but once he’s there, you’re in it for the long haul–and he will purr the whole time.

“I’m including a few of my favorite pictures from this year–one of Abraham with Sophie (now 8 years old), one of me with a migraine getting a ‘cat scan,’ and a picture of how your dog learns to play, when her only friends are cats.

“We continue to follow the stories of Tabby’s Place residents’ triumphs and tragedies via your incredible blog, and we mourn along with you when you have to say goodbye to beloved residents. We rejoiced at Edward’s adoption, and we are forever grateful for the role that Tabby’s Place has played in the building of our family. Tabby’s Place is part of our family story, and at this time of year in particular, you are very much at the forefront of our thoughts.

“With love, Chad, Dana, Sophie, Tessa, Chopper, Abraham, Elsa, (and the chickens too! Daisy, Eskin, Polka Dot, Hermione Free Ranger, Phyllis, and Cindy Lou)”

Since it would be well nigh criminal not to do so, I hereby close this blog with Dana and one of the Three Zings’ avian comrades, Phyllis (as in Diller):

When your family has four species, you're rich in love.
When your family has four species, you’re rich in love.

All photos the kind courtesy of Dana. And who is that in the top thumbnail? Why, that’s Cindy Lou (as in Who), that’s who.

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  1. The photo of Sophie and Abraham is absolutely precious – the two of them are adorable. Abraham is so lucky to have such a lovely young lady love and care for him!

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