Guest post: We are Lights

Guest post: We are Lights

cat-sniffing-candleThe following comes courtesy of our outrageously awesome volunteer Sue, with my gratitude. – AT

We are Lights: In Appreciation of the Volunteers and Staff at Tabby’s Place

The light of Mario shineth
The light of Mario shineth

“As the days grow shorter and shorter, I am reminded that this is the season of light. In the darkness of the winter solstice, for centuries we have lit candles and other holiday lights to bring illumination to our lives. It is such a lovely time to cuddle by the fire, to celebrate with friends and family, and to see the flickering flame as a symbol of eternity. We as humans know this through tradition and lore. The cats know this because it is an eternal part of the soul that we mere mortals have long since lost.

“It is in this spirit of light that I wanted to write this post to express my appreciation for all that we humans do at Tabby’s Place. So often we are caught up in caring for the kitties (because of course, that is our number one love) that we forget how beautiful and meaningful our gifts are each and every day. If we did not go in everyday and wash dishes, clean up dirty floors, feed hungry cats and take care of the cats’ medical and emotional needs, Tabby’s Place would cease to exist. What a horrible thought!

“The inspiration that Tabby gave to Jonathan was not an accident. He knew exactly what he was doing. He lit a fire under his person, who then fanned the flame so that other humans would join in the cause. Tabby was a brilliant light, and continues to be the light, that inspires all of us to continue to give.

Shining Jean Valjean
Dazzling Jean Valjean

“I was moved to write this after hearing a beautiful Chanukah song about lights. I had an image of a small choir of the cats at Tabby’s Place singing this song to all of us who care so deeply for them. They know that we love them all; feral, Special Needs, senior, kitten, all of them. They also know that if it weren’t for us, they wouldn’t be in the lovely place that they are. This is their song of appreciation.

A lamp that kept on burning
A miracle they say…
But the world has kept on turning
Are there miracles today?
Everyone who lights the candles
Has a bit of ancient spark
We are miracles lighting up the dark.

A row of burning candles
Shines light upon your face
Linking you and me and all of us
To a far off holy place
But the blazing of the candles
Is not the only light
Look at all of us, shining here tonight

We are lights, lights of memories
Remembering times long gone
We are glowing, growing miracles
We are lights
Shining on and on.

The blazing fire of Furball
The blazing fire of Furball

“This song could be about the cats; it could be about all of us. The cats truly are the lights in our worlds. I know as a volunteer how very much these little furry creatures mean to all of us. It is through us that their lights get to shine. And it is through the generosity of Jonathan, the Tabby’s Place staff, and the hundreds of volunteers over the last ten years that this beautiful light, feline and human, continues to grace the world. May your season of light be bright and joyous.

“In appreciation for all that you do,

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